Is jiggly an adverb

Updated: 9/26/2023
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No, it is an adjective

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Q: Is jiggly an adverb
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What is the adverb for jiggle?

The verb to jiggle has the related adjectives jiggling, jiggled, and jiggly. The adverb form is not listed, but it would be of the form jigglily.

Why are fat guts jiggly?

because a girl in my school is jiggly

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What is a jiggly belly?

Fat bellies are often referred to as jiggly because they jiggle when shook.

What is Wiggly Jiggly?


Are lemons jiggly?

Yes, yes they are.

Who is jiggles the wart?

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What level does Jigglypuff envolve?

Jiggly puff does not evolve at a level, but by using the moonstone.

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Why did Miley Cyrus get teased?

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What rhymes with jiggly?

wiggly wriggly piggly

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