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No Jimmy Carr is not related to Alan Carr. Jimmy Carr does have a brother named Colin. In addition to sharing the same last name both Jimmy and Alan are comedians.

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Q: Is jimmy carr alan carrs brother?
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Are Alan Carr and Jimmy Carr brothers?

No they're not. Jimmy talks about being Alans brother on tv but they're not related ____yes they are _________

Are alan carr and jimmy carr related?


Is Alan carr related to jimmy carr?

No they are not related, However they do joke about on TV saying they are.

Has Alan carr got a brother?

No, he is the only child of his father William Graham Carr.

Are jimmy and Alan carr brothers?

no they are in fact not even though jimmy talks about being related on tv

Are jimmy carr and Alan carr related?

No, the two are not related, although they have much in common. They are both English comedians, and they have the same last name.

What is the sexual orientation of Alan Carr?

Alan Carr is openly gay.

When was Alan Carr born?

Alan Carr was born on June 14, 1976.

Who used to be the british prime minister?

the queen Alan Davies Jimmy Carr Henry the 8th! and so on and so on

What is the duration of Going Out With Alan Carr?

The duration of Going Out With Alan Carr is 4 hours.

When was Jimmy Carr born?

Jimmy Carr was born on September 15, 1972.

Why is Alan Car important to the world?

Alan Carr is a famous English comedian and television personality. Alan Carr now has his own comedy chat show known as Alan Carr: Chatty Man since 2009.

How old is Alan Carr?

Alan Carr is 41 years old (birthdate: June 14, 1976).

Does Alan carr have children?

Just because you are gay does NOT mean you can't have children!

When and where was Jimmy Carr born?

Jimmy Carr was born in Hounslow, London on 15th September 1972.

What were the initials 'AC' on zayn malik's jacket during his interview with Alan carr jacket?

Alan carr

When did Jimmy Carr - footballer - die?

Jimmy Carr - footballer - died on 1980-06-26.

When was Jimmy Carr - footballer - born?

Jimmy Carr - footballer - was born on 1893-12-19.

Is Alan Carr married?

No he is not married.

How old is Jimmy Carr?

UK comedian Jimmy Carr is 44 years old (birthdate: September 15, 1972).

Does Alan carr have any brothers and sisters?

No he doesn't Yes he does, footballer Gary Carr

Jimmy allan carr are they brothers?


Does jimmy carr have Twitter?


Is jimmy carr bisexual?


What is Alan Carr's birthday?

Alan Carr was born on June 14, 1976.

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