Is jing gong a good airsoft company?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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I've had one and it broke but it was a hella good gun while it lasted...easy fix though so I would say YES

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Q: Is jing gong a good airsoft company?
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Jing gong or ak airsoft?

jg m4 system is good go to for it and a good deal

What are good airsoft brands?

Marui, King arms, Jing Gong, Systema, Cyma Ares, KWA, G&G, ICS, SRC, Army Armament

How long does it take for an airsoft jing gong m16a1 battery to charge up?

charge 4-6 hours, no more.

What would be a good airsoft aeg around 100 about 120 that DOESNT jam up like those cheap Walmart brands?

The Jing Gong AK-47 or M16A1 are good AEG's that seem to be reliable.

I am getting a g36c airsoft rifle but i don't know which company to buy from i am leaning on jing gong or heckel and koch i am looking for the best overall quality does anyone have any ideas?

h&k is made by kwa wich is the best airsoft maker in the market and is most likely lipo ready

What is a good airsoft gun for under 200 dollars 400 to 500fps mostly metal with a full metal gearbox and fairly long range?

Go for china made airsoft: Jing Gong, D-Boys, or A&K. They cost under 200 USD and have metal gearboxes and metal bodies. Jing Gong already shoot more than 400 fps out of the box. 0.25 gr BBs with 450 fps can cover up to 100 ft. Besides, they recent products quality is getting better and better.

What Airsoft gun should be purchased a Jg G3 or a JG M733 Comando with tight bore barrel?

The Jing Gong G3 is more powerful and accurate than than the m733 Commando.

How good is the echo 1 m16 Vietnam airsoft gun?

Dont buy echo1, they are just rebranded JG (jing gong) guns, that are sold with the exact same parts for more money, go with jg, and BTW jg's Vietnam m16 is f***ing BA!

What is best airsoft gun?

$50 and under - nothing good ( boyi dboys, well, and more ) $100-150 - jing gong echo 1 cyma (amazing guns for the price im about to get ajing gong) $150-200 - classic army sportsline (a lower end version of original classic armysbut still a great gun ) $250-400 - Tokyo marui, classic army, ICS, KWA, and more ( the best high end guns that are actually affordable ) $400 - 800 - TOP, STAR, and more ( giant 20 pound machine guns ) $1000 -2000 - systema ( the ferrari of airsoft guns the best of the best used by police and military to train ) good luck and i would recommend an echo 1 or a jing gong best guns for the money

Jing gong or double eagle ak47 air soft?

Jing Gongs don't fire that well. Go with the AK.

Are there any airsoft gun retail stores are in southeast Michigan?

There is an on-line retail store in Michigan in the St Joe and Benton Harbor area. They carry airsoft rifles, airsoft pistols and airsoft shotguns. They also have a section dedicated to airsoft sniper rifles as well as a multitude of airsoft pistols. They carry brand names such as Classic Army, ICS, TSD, Jing Gong, and carry 6mm bb 's for all your shooting needs. They have a good selection of low priced but good quality airsoft guns, all the way to higher end guns such as Classic Army and Tokyo Marui. They also have tactical items like tactical knives, tactical vests and airsoft goggles to name a few. Hopefully this will help in your search for a quality airsoft retail store.

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