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No, "Johnny and the Dead" is not a true story. It is a work of fiction, a novel by Terry Pratchett that follows the story of a boy named Johnny and a group of dead spirits.

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Q: Is johnny and the dead a true story?
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The story starts with Johnny a tweleve year boy going through the cemetery as a shortcut to reach his home. His best friend, Wobbler, thinks it's spooky. In the cemetery, Johnny meets Alderman Thomas Bowler (one of the dead). Johnny then realizes that he can see, talk to, and hear the dead. Later, Johnny then meets all the dead and then Johnny and the gang (including the dead) are discussing the council's sale of Blackbury's neglected cemetery to a faceless conglomerate who plan to build offices on it. Various dead citizens, led by a former town councillor, ask Johnny, the only person who can see them, to help stop it.While Johnny, helped by his semi-believing friends, tries to find evidence of famous volunteers and speaks out at community meetings, the Dead begin to take an interest in the modern day, and realise they are not, as they believed, trapped in the cemetery.By the end of the book the council is forced to back down, but the Dead no longer care because the day of judgment comes. However, the town's living residents have, thanks to the campaigning of Blackbury volunteers, rediscovered the cemetery as a link to their past. As one of the Dead puts it "The living must remember, and the dead must forget."

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