Is jtv respected

Updated: 11/11/2022
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No jtv is not respected I am sorry but you should check out Forever Laness it is a new business that me and my friend made. Tell your friends

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Yes, very much so! They sell more gemstones to jewelers than anyone else in the US.

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Q: Is jtv respected
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Jewelry Television (Jtv) can be found on most cable providers. None are specified, but on the JTV website there is a place to search for the zip code to locate the channel. Jtv is supported by Dish Network and DirecTV and can also be viewed online.

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It's just a name assigned to this color stone from Jewelry Television (JTV) with their trademark on it. They used to call it green tanzanite and claimed that it was a cross between tsavorite and tanzanite and now they are saying that they don't know what causes this color. Their are green tanzanites and even pink tanzanites but JTV calls them all ocean tanzanite.

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