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yes. it is the part of Hong Kong's territory on the mainland that is closest to the sea.

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Q: Is kawloon part of Hong Kong?
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Why is Hong Kong now part of china?

Because Hong Kong is part of China!

UK became part of China in 1997?

The British colony of Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997.

What region of the world is Hong Kong part of?

Hong Kong is classed as part of China (officially "Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China"), which means it is in Asia.

What country is Hong Kong a capitol of?

Hong Kong is not a capital of any country. It is part of China.

What is the country for Central Hong Kong Here is the address Alexander house 16-20- chater Road Central Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is the city name, and Hong Kong is a part of China

'cathay pacific' is the airline of which country?

Hong Kong S.A.R. It's not China. Hong Kong and China are different, even Hong Kong is part of China.

Do you need a Hong Kong visa if you want to stay at Hong Kong?

Since it is part of China today I would guess you do.

Is Hong Kong listed Hong Kong China or just Hong Kong?

hong kong, china

Is India part of the commonwealth?

India is part of the commonwealth

What is the distance between Hong Kong and China?

Strictly speaking, Hong Kong is IN China. Many people assume Hong Kong to be an Island but that is just a small part of Hong Kong. Hong Kong includes the "New Territories" which borders mainland China. there are also many other islands other than Hong Kong Island. It is approximately 17 miles from Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Island to Shenzhen in mainland China.

Is Hong Kong china's capital?

you are so stupidHong Kong is a city and does not have a capital.

Does Hong Kong border a country?

no. it is a part of china.