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Is kilo heavier than pounds?

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Yes, A kilo is almost 2 pounds.

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Which is heavier kilo or pounds?

Kilograms, 1 kilogram is 2.21 pounds.

Is a kilo of gold is heavier than a kilo of rice?

No, being a kilo, they are both the same weight

Is 7 pounds heavier than 160 ounces?

no 10 pounds = 160 ounces

What is heavier 5 cups or 1 kilo?

5 cups of water is heavier than 1 Kg.

Is 15 pounds of steel heavier than 18 pounds of feathers?

are you being serious, if you are no, 15 is not heavier than 18 pounds of feathers.

What is heavier 100 kilograms or 100 pounds?

100 kilograms is heavier than 100 pounds.1 kilogram is about 2.2 pounds.

What is heavier 70 kilograms or 110 pounds?

70 kilograms is heavier than 110 pounds, which is about 50 kilograms.

Does a bicycle frame weigh less than 1 kilo?

It is possible to build a frame weighing less than one kilo, but most are a bit heavier.

Is kilos larger than pounds?

yes one kilo is 2.2 pounds

Is a ton heavier than a metric ton?

No, a metric ton is about 204.6 pounds heavier than a ton.

What is heaver 25 kilograms or 100 pounds?

100 pounds is heavier than 25 kilograms.Divide both sides by 25.4 pounds are heavier than 1 kilogram.

Which is heavier 60 kilograms or 125 pounds?

60 kilograms = 132 pounds 5 ounces 60 kilograms is heavier than 125 pounds.

When describing something is less or more dense why aren't lighter and heavier sufficint descriptors?

Because lighter and heavier refer to an objects weight - which has nothing to do with density ! For example - a kilo of feathers is heavier than half a kilo of lead - but lead is more dense !

How many kilo are there in 2 pounds of pork?

2 lbs is a little less than 1 kilo

Is 1 kg of wet paint heavier than 1kg of dry paint?

A kilo IS a kilo - They are the SAME > . . . Answer The kilo of wet paint, dried, will weigh less. Another answer However, a kilo of dried paint chips still weighs a kilo.

Is 6 pounds heavier than 3 kilograms?

Six pounds is less than 3kg. Six pounds is about 2.72kg

Which is heavier a pound or a kilograms?

A Kilo is heavier. 1 kilogram=2.2pounds

What is heavier a kilo of lead or kilo of flour or kilo of feathers?

it is obviously the same weight because it say KILO for both!

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