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Is kissing bad?

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Of course its not bad!! kissing is special, it depends on the person and circumstances. but kissing is not bad unless you are too young.

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Is french kissing bad?

no, its great (:

What should you think if your girlfriend stop kissing you?

Either Your Breath Smells Really bad Or Are You A Bad Kisser.... Maybe Your Just Not Kissing Her Right

Can kissing be bad?

No kissing is a good thing.... Unless you take it too far at a young age. Just... Don't

Is kissing in sixth grade bad?

It's natural.

Is french kissing bad for your teeth?

It shouldn't be bad for anything ! Kissing with inserting the tongue into the other persons mouth may pick-up bugs and germs from their saliva though so always clean your mouth and teeth after french kissing.

Is it bad that your boyfriend and you are kissing at the age of 12?

Yes of course it is!

Is kissing someone in a car bad?

No, people do it all the time.

In some cultures is kissing a lamb good luck or bad luck?

Well in many cultures kissing a lamb is good luck

What can you do to make him feel bad about dumping you?

well date his best friend and make him fell bad by kissing him

What is it when you hate kissing?

It is when you have no love life. Or you just always get bad kissers.

Could gingivitis be transmitted by kissing?

i know of a husband and wife who both have very bad breath and i think diseases of the mouth can be transmitted by kissing because i don't think they both had that bad of breath before they kissed.

Why does a man stop kissing his girlfriend?

One reason might be that he is cheating on her. Another possible reason is that she either has bad breath or is not very good at kissing.

Is kissing a good thaing?

It depends on who you kissing, if he/she looks good, If they have bad hygiene offense to people who just can't help how they smell), if they are a good kisser.

What does it mean when you dream of kissing your best friends guy?

if you have dreams of kissing your best friend's guy then u want him for yourself and that makes you a bad friend.

What is scout and miss Maudie's relationship like?

Is bad, always they are fighting and kissing

How do you tell a girl she's bad at kissing?

bite an apple or braces

Can bad breath be transferred by kissing?

no way or else alot of people will have bad breath and then the world will stink and what kind of question is this

Why is Carly's boyfriend a bad boy?

He stole Spencer's motorcycle and started kissing Carly.

What episode of iCarly does Carly get caught kissing?

on i saved your life and i date a bad boy

Is it bad to kiss a guy in a relationship?

In a successful relationship, kissing is a good thing. Enjoy.

How old should you be to read Pretty Little Liars?

I would say you should be at least thirteen to read it. There is a lot of kissing and sex in the books, as well as lesbian kissing. Also there is talk about doing bad things, some really bad.

Is kissing a bad thing?

of course not!!!!!! (unless you are too young ;) !) kissing is great if you love someone!! it shows affection for that person. (dont do it too much or HIV and cavities happen:(( !!!!!)

What was your first time kissing?

its really not that scary. people make a huge deal about it but its not that bad. its easy.

Is it bad to kiss a girl at 14?

No, it's a perfectly normal age to have your first kissing experiences.

Is It a bad idea if you were kissing buddies with your friends old crush?

Unless you plan to date that person then you should avoid becoming kissing buddies, you could end up hurting your friend.