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Yes. K'naan is muslim.


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Muslim- people who practice Islam as religion

No he is not dead its just a rumor.

K'naan was born in Somalia (Africa).

he's Canadian he's from Toronto

I'm pretty sure its 'Allah'. And no, I'm not a muslim.

He lives in Toronto, Canada in the neighborhood of Rexdale.

K'naan's wife's name is Deqa.

yes he is and he pray's every single pray

Try the song ABC's by knaan

stupid k naans are not plural if your looking for knaan he is a singer.

Waving Flag (Knaan)If Everyone Cared (Nickelback)Is Anybody Out There? (Knaan)It's A Wonderful WorldStronger (Britney Spears)Don't Stop Believing (Journey)Don't Stop (Fleetwood Mac)

they follow any any religon they want. They can be christinas or muslium

Knaan is jamaican. therefore he likes grape draank.

No he is from Somalia. But grew up in Toronto etobicoke on dixon and Kipling. Brap brap!!

He's not dead :) That's if you were talking about the somalian rapper that sings "Wavin' Flag"

because Saudi Arabia is muslium and she does not celebrate Christmas because it is forbidden

Generally the Muslim cultues BOMBS THE WORLD TRADE CENTER, That is how they treat everyone.

Hirsch Melamed has written: 'Knaan un Mitsroyim' -- subject(s): Accessible book

He was most likely an atheist. In the Codex (his journal), he mentioned in his last entry that he feared there was nothing beyond death - just eternal darkness.

no. they are two different sect. in other words shiit as minority and sunni as majority compromised the two main sects in Islam religion.

according to Genesis 41:57 there was hunger in the land (Knaan.) but because of Josephs' economical policy there was food in Egypt.

indeed yes. feel free to go to youtube n type chris tucker. u'll find the answer there.. a video on chris or omar, his name in islam, going hajj.

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