Is kosovo Albania?

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Yes, complete Albania. They are same people, same blood, same everything. They speak same language and everything. Just like Oregon and Washington, are they different?
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Is it Kosovo or Kosova?

"Kosova" is the Albanian name and "Kosovo" is the Serbian name, sounsurprisingly the Albanian-speaking government that announcedindependence in February 2008 calls itself the Republic of Kosova. The government of Serbia, which hasn't recognized that government,calls it Kosovo. So whether you use "Ko ( Full Answer )

What and where is Kosovo?

Kosovo or the Republic of Kosovo is a country located in Southeastern Europe. Before 2008 Kosovo was an Autonomous Province of Serbia that was under United Nations Administration, it was considered an Albanian run territory. In 2008 Kosovo declared independence from Serbia and was recognized by majo ( Full Answer )

What is the future of kosovo?

It will hopefully become a great nation without invaders and will develop over time and turn in to the best country in the world like Albania

Where is Albania?

Albania is located in eastern Europe across the Adriatic Sea fromItaly. It is north of Greece, west of the Former Yugoslav Republicof Macedonia, and south of Montenegro and Kosovo. Albania is a country located in Southeastern Europe on the AdriaticSea. longitude of Albania: 20 degrees east latitud ( Full Answer )

What is the population of Albania?

The population of Albania is just over three million people livingin an 11,000 square mile area. This means that there are about 250people living in every square mile.

Postcode of kosovo?

postkode of kosovo i think is 10000 10000 is of capital city of Kosova, Prishtina as every country in the world in Kosova also every municipality has its own postcode

What was the Kosovo War?

It was a ethnic cleaning war Serbians headed against Albanians. Serbs wanted to create Great Serbia in the region by fighting against Croats, Bosnians and Albanians. NATO had prevented them in doing so.

How old is Albania?

From the beginning of the world Albanians are one of the oldest folks in the Ballkan

What is the history of kosovo?

Go to Bibliothek and learn about "HISTORY OF ALBANIA" .....before 1912...Kosovo was part of Albania and allso some good parts of Montenegro(Ulqin,Tuzi,Tivari..)Macedonia(Shkupi,Tetova,Gostivari..)Greec (Qameria..)Serbia(Nis,Sanxhak,.....Eastern Kosovo...Presheva,Medvegja,Bujanovci..)where part of ( Full Answer )

Why is Albania unique?

Albania is Unique for many reason but the most important are the diversity of religions in our country and still there is peace and love. Our history goes back to the illyrians to the world war 2 as our people have been in war for more then 2000 years to defend our name and culture and still we are ( Full Answer )

What was the kosovo crisis?

i don't know what you mean with kosovo crisis cuz maybe you meant kosovo war of 1997-1999 but if we are talking about kosovo crisis then that basically was the crisis in march 2004 when minority of serbians killed 3 albanian children and albanians are majority in kosovo with 92 % so then started eve ( Full Answer )

What is the religion of Albania?

Albania's religion is 50 50 between Christianity and Fake none religious Muslim!!!!! Albanians were first Christians, but then converted to Islam, because of the Turks. But many Albanians now are converting back to there rightful religion Christianity. and yeah,a lot of albanian people are athei ( Full Answer )

Did kosovo get there independence?

sure we did on Sunday february 17, 2008 i remember it was a cold day... but the best day of my life, beter than when a got married hahaha

Is kosovo a country?

Yes and no. It's not considered a country to everyone. Kosovo has yet to haverecognition by enough countries to be considered sovereign. Answer Yes the former Serbian province of Kosovo unilaterallydeclared independence on Sunday (February 17) and became recognizedas the world's 195th countr ( Full Answer )

Food in Albania?

Delicious Alot of bread, meat, and cheese!!! although lately influenced by international cookinga nd stuff albanians will alays have their own yummy special food like: meatballs;pie(not American way)and uch things as rice shoved into pepperoni or tomatoes(called filled pepperonis alb.translati ( Full Answer )

Which sea does Albania have?

Albania has a total area of 28,750 square kilometers. Its coastline is 362 kilometres long and extends along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.

What landmarks are in Albania?

Rozafa this is one of them ther is also Kalaja e Shkoderes. if you go to. . it has some :)

Republic of kosovo?

Kosovo declared independence on the 17th of February 2008. The small south east European state sits between Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. The capital of the Republic is Prishtina, a city of around 500,000 people. The population of Kosovo exceeds 2 million. It is recognized by more than ( Full Answer )

What are facts about Albania?

Continent: Europe Capital: Tirana Area: 11,100 sq mi. Population: 3,600,523 Government: Emerging Democracy Language: Albanian, Greek, Tosk Money: lek Life expectancy: 77.6 Literacy Rate: 98% Albania'a town, Butrint is one of the country's most important archeological sites. Albania had the highest ( Full Answer )

Why is kosovo at war?

It isn't. There has been no war since around 1999/2000. The political atmosphere is tense but there is no fighting.

Who is the leader of Albania?

Sali Berisha is the Prime Minister and Bamir Topi is the President the Prime Minister has more power than the President in Albania

Who is the President of Albania?

Bujar Nishani is the President of Albania. Bujar Nishani is the 6th President of Albania serving from 2012July 24 to the present.

What is Albania know for?

Albania is known for the "besa" of its people and also for their large number of Albanians left out of the current country like the Albanians of Kosovo,Macedonia,Greece,Montenegro and Serbia.Albania is the only state in the world that is bordered from its own people,like in the north from Albanians ( Full Answer )

Where was the kosovo war?

The Kosovo war was a war against Serbia's agression toward all non-Serb nations in the region.

Did the kosovo war take place in kosovo?

The war happened in Kosovo. . The War happened in Kosovo, from 1998 - 23 June 1999. It was Serbian aggression on Albanian terrorists, not on civilians.

Why go to Albania?

U should visit Albania,cuz is one of the most beautiful countries in europe,have great nature,and the capital is very modern,and have great nightlife

Kosovo is a republic of what?

Kosovo is Republic of two million ethnic Albanians. Before it was known as "Kosovo i mehohija" from Serbian historic records. In ancient times, Kosovo was part of Illyria (illyrians-forefathers of today's Albanians) known as Dardania.

Why did kosovo get its independence?

Kosovo became independent because its Albanian government installed by the USA and NATO after the war decided it wanted to be independent from Serbia despite UN resolutions opposing this, the opposition of the Serbian minority in Kosovo and the opposition of Serbia, many surrounding countries and ot ( Full Answer )

What world is Albania?

Albania is second world country,but is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe,and is the second country in Europe for beauty nature ,and this year Albania had the bigest grow of economy with 10%

What is Albanias borders?

It is bordered by Montenegro in the north, Kosova in the northeast, Macedonia in the east and Greece to the south-east. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea in the west, and on the Ionian Sea in the southwest. It is less than 72 km (45 mi) from Italy, across the Strait of Otranto which links the Adria ( Full Answer )

Is Albania Christian?

70 percent Muslim, 30 percent christian. They were originally christian but became Muslim because of the Ottoman empire invaded.

What is kosovo a republic of?

Kosovo is today mostly controlled by KLA or Kosovo Liberation Army.KLA is an albanian terrorist group, today supported by US and NATO,based on religious and ethnic hatred towards Serbs and Greeks, andhas on many occasions committed genocide against those ethnicgroups. When in 1998 Serbian Armed Forc ( Full Answer )

What are the beaches in Albania?

there are a lot of beaches in albania. some of them are: Dhermi, Llaman, Drimadhes, Durres, Vlora, Saranda, Gjenerali, ect!

What does Albania have to do with kosovo?

The Albanian government supported and continues to support the KLA terrorist organization in Kosovo, now renamed to Kosovo Police. Albania has the intention of taking Kosovo from Serbia, as part of the idea of a "Great Albania". Weapons used by the Kosovo Liberation Army were supplied by Albania, an ( Full Answer )

Who votes in Kosovo?

everyone who wants to vote u must be resident of kosovo (kosovan nationality) u must be 18 + years old

What is the lanuage in Albania?

In Albania, most people speak one of the two dialects of Albanian. The standard dialect is Tosk Albanian, which is spoken throughout the country and has the most speakers. Gheg Albanian is also popular, and it predominates in the North. There are also various other regional languages spoken by Alban ( Full Answer )

What is the topography of Albania?

Apart from a narrow coastal plain, Albania consists of hills and mountains covered with scrub forest, cut by small east-west rivers.

What is Albania near?

Albania is a amazing country. It has a lot of cultures and traditions. Its near to the 'meditrranean ocean. It is near to the Italy and should visit Albania its the most amazing place ,and it has a lot of beauty in it.

When was Albania made?

The current state of Albania declared independence in 1912, and it was recognised by the rest of the world in 1920 (but with different borders from the ones the Albanians wanted).

Does Albania have a Santa?

Yes except the "Santa-cult", if you may so call it, is not limmited to Christinanity as in the celebration of christmas. it is in fact a common practise by many religious groups (including the muslim community) along with Catholic Christmas, Orthodox Christmas and New Years Eve. Santa in Albania is ( Full Answer )

What are kosovo allies?

Kosovos main allies are most of European countries, like Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Swiss, Austria, etc, exuding Greece, Spain. Also US, Canada, Australia, Japan are main allies to Kosovo

Why is Kosovo not in the un?

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia on on February 17, 2008 but has not gained complete international recognition to allow it to become a member of the United Nations.

What launguages are in Albania?

Tha language Albanian people speak is Albanian. Albanian is our official language. Albanian people however, usually speak Italian, Greek and English.

What are the enemies of kosovo?

The enemies of Kosovo are primarily the KLA terrorists, the Albanian government and their supporters. The KLA has effectively occupied the Serbian land of Kosovo, terrorizing both the Albanian and non-Albanian population. At this point the Kosovo Police, a group of KLA, has established presence in m ( Full Answer )

Do they have scorpions in Albania?

Yes! Mesobuthus gibbosus (Brullé, 1832) This yellow to yellow-brown scorpion can reach 67-75 mm in length, and is distributed in eastern parts of Europe. It is reported from Albania, Greece (including many of the Greek islands), Macedonia and Yugoslavia. M. gibbosus is found in severa ( Full Answer )

Is Kosovo Albania or Serbia?

The Republic of Kosova was a self-declared state proclaimed in 1990by the assembly of Kosovo. It was recognized only by the Republicof Albania. During its peak, it tried to establish its own parallelpolitical institutions in opposition to the institutions of theAutonomous Province of Kosovo and Meto ( Full Answer )

Why was Albania named Albania?

Albania means, Land of the eagle, and it was named that because two eagles saved a king of Albania [ named Pirro ] from death in 600 B.C.