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Don't think so

Lacey isn't pregnant nor does she already have any children.

lacey turner is pregnant in real life because she leaves the set soon

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Does Lacey Turner have Twitter?

Lacey Turner does not have a Twitter account.

Does lacey turner smoke?

No Lacey Turner does not smoke xoxo

What is the birth name of Lacey Turner?

Lacey Turner's birth name is Lacey Amelia Turner.

Is lacey turner married?

The British actress Lacey Turner is not married.

Where is Lacey Turner from?

Lacey is from hendon in London As Lacey was growing up she could see the queen vic (eastenders) from her bedroom window! For more info on Lacey Turner go online to 'Lacey Turner Online'

When was Lacey Turner born?

Lacey Turner was born on March 28, 1988.

Is lacey turner ticklish?

Yes Lacey turner is extremely ticklish on her feet sides and armpits.

Does Lacey Turner have a stardoll?

Lacey Turner Does Have A Stardoll Account.ViSiT.Laceey-xoThanks.

How old is Lacey Turner?

Lacey Turner is 29 years old (birthdate: March 28, 1988).

Where was lacey turner born?

Lacey Turner was born in London and grew up near BBC Elstree.

Is lacey turner Catholic?

Yes, Lacey Turner is Catholic. She has been Catholic ever since she was a child.

Who is lacey turners husband in real life?

Lacey Turner is not married.

What is lacey turners real name?

Lacey Turner is her real name.

Does lacey turner have any brothers or sisters?

Lacey Turner has 2 younger sisters Daisy Turner 20 and Lily Harvey 9, she does not have any brothers.

Is lacey turner a mum?

No she's not

Was Lacey Turner in Kidulthood?

No she wasn't.

Is Lacey turner bi?

yes she is

What is Lacey Turner's birthday?

Lacey Turner was born on March 28, 1988.

Are louisa lytton and lacey turner sisters in real life?

no because lacey turner only has 2 little sisters, daisy and lily turner look at her history on wikipedia

How long has lacey turner been in eastenders?

Lacey has been in Eastenders for six years.

Who plays Stacy in eastenders?

Lacey Turner

Where does lacey turner live?

Radlett Hertfordshire

Were can you find lacey turner nude?

in the shower ?

What is the name of Stacey slater?

Lacey Turner

Has Lacey Turner got a child?

No she doesn't.

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