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Islands are made out of of land, but land doesn't necisarily mean an island. So one is the other, but the other isn't always the one.

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Q: Is land and island the same or different?
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How are northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland alike?

They are both on the same land mass, the island of Ireland. However they are two different countries.

What is a piece of land surrounded by fresh water?

An island. Same as an island in salt water.

What country is the same land mass as japan?

Japan is an island.

Is long island and Staten Island the same?

No, they are two different places.

What did Darwin observe about the island?

he looked at the different islands and found that the same species on every different island had adapted to their certain island

What is the different between a island and a country?

A country is a political entity, an island is a geological and geographical land form.

Is a land turtle the same as a painted turtle?

No, a land turtle is not the same as a painted turtle because: Land turtle is well a land turtle and painted turtles can be both in land and water. They have different names They Look different

How was the founding of Rhode Island different from Massachusetts?

The land was purchased from the Indians

Why did the crusades start?

it started because there were different belives wanting to take over the same part of a holy land and that's why it started because different faiths wanted the same bit of land.

What is the different between an island an a peninsula?

An island is land completely surrounded by water. A peninsula is bordered by water on three sides, with one side a connection to another land mass.

Which is an island Australia or Greenland?

Greenland is an island, and the world's largest island. Geographically, Australia is a continent, not an island. As a landform, it could be considered an island as it is entirely surrounded by water and not joined onto any other land mass. For this reason, it is often referred to as an island continent. Australia is too big to be formally classified as an island. The world's largest island is Greenland. Another reason why Australia is a continent is because it sits on its own tectonic plate. This is different from Greenland, which uses the same land mass as North America. That is why the geological appearances are much different in Australia from anywhere else. A place like Greenland shares the same geologic attributes as North America.

Name the country shares the same land mass as HAITI .?

The Dominican Republic shares the same island with Haiti.

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