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Is laser light likely to be more or less energetic than sunlight?

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If you mean the intensity, lasers win by a huge margin. The average solar flux at the top of the atmosphere is 0.1367 W/cm2. Commonly available industrial lasers can hit 5000 W/cm2. The attached link describes reaching a flux of 0.7 x 10^22 W/cm2.

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Is a laser artificial sunlight?

No. Laser light is artificial light, but it is not sunlight.

Can sunlight be used for a laser?

No. A laser is a bean of light that propagates in one direction with little spread and generate light only over a very small range of wavelengths. The rays of sunlight are parallel only because of our great distance from the sun. Sunlight can be focused to a point using mirrors or lenses, but will spread out beyond that point, rather than as a coherent beam light a laser. Additionally, sunlight consists of the entire spectrum of light.

How does different light affects things?

Visible light consists of a number of wavelengths. Blue light is the most energetic, red light the least energetic. Green plants grow best in red or blue light (sunlight is a mixture of wavelengths) and do not grow in green or yellow light. Light intensity will affect the growth of plants. Laser light (high intensity with very narrow wavelength) can be used to cut and obviously hurt if used incorrectly. Some people are photo sensitive and light can cause them pain. Green plants are photo sensitive and will grow towards the light.

What is a laser light with holograph?

a laser light with a holograph is a laser light with holograph.

Can a laser be made from a light bulb?

No. Laser light is coherent. Light bulb light is not.

What laser light like?

its like, you know, laser light!

What are disadvantages of laser light?

laser light can effect your eyes

How is laser light different from light from a torch?

laser light does not spread but torch light rays do

A good example of white light?

White light is another name for polychromatic light. That is light that contains more than one wavelength. For example, sunlight is white light. An example of monochromatic light is a sodium vapour lamp or a LASER.

What dose laser stand for?

Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation(LASER or laser)

Why is laser light said to be monochromatic?

laser light is monochromatic due to the phenomenon of stimulated emmision in laser.

Why doesn't visible light cause sunburns?

Visible light is not energetic enough to cause the tissue damage we feel as sunburn. An extremely bright or concentrated light (such as a laser) can, however, cause actual burns as the portion of it absorbed by the skin is converted to heat.

What is a bundle of light called?

A bundle of light is called a laser. A bundle of light is called a laser.

How laser light is produced?

By the process of stimulated emmission laser light is produced.

What is the difference between a laser light and a torch light?

laser light rays don't spread and torch light ray's do

What will produce more widely spaced fringes of light when passed through a diffraction grating light from a red laser or green laser?

Light from a red laser!

Is sunlight monochromatic light?

No. Sunlight is full spectrum light.

Why does laser light visible in smoke?

The laser light reflects off the particles in the smoke

What are lasers and how is their light different from ordinary light?

LASER is an acronym for 'Light Amplification by Stimulatred Emission of Radiation". Laser is produced by stimulated emission hence it has got its name. Lasers differ from ordinary light in following characteristics: Laser light is higly monochromatic while ordinary is not. Laser light has unidirectional nature. Laser is a coherent beam of photons.

Who discovered laser?

In contrast, the light from non-laser lightsources cannot be ... The word laser was coined in 1957 by Gordon Gould.

Why is laser light never white?

A laser is a device that emits only one wavelength of light at a time. White light is a combination of all wavelengths of light, so a laser can never be white.

What light is only one color?

Monochromic light can be photons in a narrow energy range emitted by a laser. Sunlight looks uniform but it is actually composed of all of the wavelengths of visible light (except for a few that have been absorbed in the atmosphere).

What is laser light?

That's the term used to refer to light that emanates from a laser, rather than from a flashlight, a candle, a firefly, etc. Laser light is typically coherent and monochromatic.

How is a laser light different from regular light?

laser light has a constant wavelength whereas regular light is made up of many wavelengths

Why is laser light more monochromatic than ordinary light?

It isn't just "more" monochromatic; laser light is monochromatic, ordinary light is not.