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Yes, it is combustible.

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Q: Is latex combustible
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Related questions

Example of combustible and non - combustible substances?

Methane is combustible, neon is not.

Difference between combustible and non combustible liquids?

Combustible material catch fire easy dust non Combustible do not

Is coke combustible?

coke is combustible

Is promethium combustible?

Promethium is not combustible.

Is potassium combustible?

Yes.Potassium is combustible.

Is einsteinium combustible?

Einsteinium is not combustible.

Is kerosene a combustible or flammable?


Is francium combustible?

Francium is not combustible.

Is UPVC combustible?

Yes, it is combustible.

Is plasma combustible?

No, plasma is not combustible. Plasma is not something that can be combustible without additional chemicals, as it is relatively cool.

Is uramium combustible?

Any element is combustible we will find Uranium oxide on the earth. i.e uranium is combustible

Combustible and non-combustible substances?

Cobustible substances can catch on fire but non-combustible substances are inflammabe

Is neon combustible?

Neon is not a combustible gas.

What is combustible?

Combustible materials are things that will burn.

Is radium combustible?

Radium is probably not combustible.

Is americium combustible?

Americium is not combustible.

Is germanium combustible?

Germanium is not combustible.

Is tungsten combustible?

It can be made molten, but is not combustible.

Is houses combustible?

Some houses are combustible, such as wooden structures. Even in brick buildings the contents may be combustible.

What is the difference between combustible and non combustible liquids?

Combustible liquids can easily catch on fire and burn. Non-combustible liquids cannot, at least under a set of defined conditions.

Difference between combustible and non combustible fabrics?

Combustible fabrics can catch fire and combust, unlike the latter.

Is ethane or ethylene combustible?

Both are highly combustible.

Is limestone combustible?

No. Limestone is not combustible in any way.

Is phosphorus combustible?

Phosphorus is combustible which means that it is flammable.

Is sodium chloride combustible?

Sodium chloride is not combustible.