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Please clarify. Have you been nursing for six months and just stopped, or did you stop 6 months ago? Either way I don't think it is a sign of pregnancy. Many women leak milk for years after stopping breast-feeding, especially when washing their breasts in a hot bath/shower or during love-making.

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Could it be a symptom of pregnancy if your breasts are suddenly leaking milk after ending nursing six months prior and you are feeling other symptoms as well?

Hello. Yes this could be a sign of pregnancy. Do a pregnancy test. If negative consult your doctor.

How do you men feel about another girl lying down on your wife nursing-drinking her breastmilk?

love it

Can breastmilk come back after i stop nursing for one year?

Yes, breastmilk can come back after you stop nursing for a year. It's no guarantee, as many women have different experiences. Some may not produce milk after a few months, some may produce milk after a few years.

Is it normal for your nipples to peel and crack during your fourth month of pregnancy and what can you do about it?

Yes you can have chapping, are you leaking a little fluid from your nipples? they sell a cream for nursing it looks like vasaline and you will have to buy nursing pads so as not to ruin any bra's or shirts but it will work.

Can nursing delay a positive pregnancy test?


Does milk help to increase breast size?

I believe this question is asking about drinking milk to increase breastmilk production? That's a myth. Nursing women should eat a well balanced diet and drink plenty of water since Breastmilk is a large percentage of water!

What has the author Gladys B Lipkin written?

Gladys B. Lipkin has written: 'Effective approaches to patients' behavior' 'Parent-child nursing' -- subject(s): Family, Maternity nursing, Obstetrical Nursing, Pediatric nursing, Pregnancy, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Maternity nursing, Psychological aspects of Pediatric nursing, Psychological aspects of Pregnancy

Can you take a pregnancy test while nursing?

yes you can take a preg test while nursing, no harm will be done!

Why would breast milk cause a home pregnancy test to come out positive yet urine caused a negative result?

"Unfortunately breast milk cannot be used to perform a pregnancy test. Breast milk does not occur until after the birth of the baby. Colostrum is the clear or milk coloured discharge from the nipples. This can also be a indication of too much progesterone, milk duct infection or a hormonal imbalance when its not pregnancy related. Breast milk does not contain HCG. The best method of testing is a blood test." If you are nursing, hcg can leak into breastmilk like it does into urine. It might leak into breastmilk first, and thus not enough be in the urine to show on a hpt. Now, as hpt's aren't designed to be used with breastmilk, it may also be a funky false positive...I would recommend getting a blood test. (I'm in the same boat...)

What is the nursing intervention of Pregnancy induced hypertension?

proper diet

Is cramping a sign of pregnancy if you are still nursing and havent resumed a menstrual period?

Yes this can be a sign of early pregnancy.

What has the author Carolyn Conant Van Blarcom written?

Carolyn Conant Van Blarcom has written: 'Obstetrical nursing' -- subject(s): Pregnancy, Care and hygiene, Infants, Maternity nursing, Infant Care, Obstetrical Nursing, Health and hygiene, Enfermagem Obstetrica, Care 'Obstetric nursing' -- subject(s): Pregnancy, Infants, Maternity nursing, Care, Care and hygiene

Can nursing give a false positive home pregnancy test?

No, it shouldn't do

What are the nursing diagnosis for multiple pregnancies?

Anxiety related to twin pregnancy

Can a woman lactate 3 years after pregnancy?

If she is still nursing a child.

What are the nursing responsibility for metoclopramide?

Metoclopramide is used for gastrointestinal issues. They are classified as category B in relation to pregnancy. There are no nursing implications with the drug.

Can a Coozly Body pillow be used as a nursing pillow?

I really love my Coozly Pregnancy Body Pillow. I bought it in my 6 month of pregnancy and it has really made my life easier. What I would like to know is that can it be used as a nursing pillow after pregnancy or do I have to buy another round pillow like Boppy? Are there any special benefits to using these nursing pillows?

What has the author Julie Lyall written?

Julie Lyall has written: 'Antepartal screening of the pregnant woman' -- subject(s): Complications, Diagnosis, Maternity nursing, Nursing, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Complications, Prenatal care, Programmed texts

What are the Nursing diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy?

The primary nursing diagnosis is "fluid volume deficit"because of the hemorrage. The secondary nursing diagnosis could be- "pain, anxiety or anticipatory grieving at the loss of the fetus".

Can you produce breastmilk without being pregnant?

Yes, you can but it takes a long time of consistently nursing (ex. suckling a baby or using a breast pump) to signal the body to develop the milk glands.

What has the author Nan H Troiano written?

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What has the author Carol Keller Bronte written?

Carol Keller Bronte has written: 'Nursing management of uncomplicated and complicated births' -- subject(s): Complications, Maternity nursing, Nursing, Obstetrical emergencies, Pregnancy

How do you feed mother shih tzu?

good quality food for any bitch that has a litter, egg and cottage cheese added to her food keeps her well nourished, during pregnancy and nursing, calcium should be added during the nursing period never give calcium during pregnancy only after and during nursing

Make breast milk?

Breast milk or lactation is caused by pregnancy hormones and nursing.

Can a woman lactate without pregnancy?

No, a woman cannot lactate without pregnancy. This is because the mammary glands are only stimulated to produce milk during pregnancy and while a mother is nursing her newborn.