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Is legacy dating risky from real chance of love?


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yes they have been dating for 2 and a half months now (12.30.09)


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Corn fed won, but Risky didn't because chance didn't pick Risky or Cali.

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=It's Corn Fed and Risky.==That's what I found out anyways.==I hoped that this helped!=

first of all its called REAL CHANCE OF LOVE and second on real's side: bay bay bay, corn fed, milf chance's side: risky, cali, rabbit

Chance & Cali Real & Corn Fed At least that's what ive been hearing and that's what i think. Risky is not good for chance Bay Bay Bay is a pain Cali has a real connection with chance Corn fed is classy and they love each other.

Realize he's an actor and you probably have little to no chance of meeting or dating him.

The final four contestants are Bay,Bay,Bay and Cornfed on Real's side and Cali and Risky on Chance's side. One winner for sure is Risky because Cali is soon to be competiting on I love Money 2. The other winner is probally Cornfed.

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