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Is living room one word or two words?

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Is livingroom one or two words?

Living Room is 2 words.

Is locker room one word or two words?

two words, locker room

Is fitting room one word or two?

'Fitting room' is two words.

Is break room one word?

Two words.

Is court room one or two words?

It is one word, courtroom.

Is bath room one word or two?

Both. Bath=room= bathroom bath and room are two different words it is a compound word

Is dining room one word or two?

It is two words.

Is postroom one word?

No it is two words: post room.

Is break room one word or two?

There is no such single word as breakroom - therefore, it should be spelt as two words.

Is Press Room one word or two words?

Two words. It is a room of the press.

Is playroom one word or two?

play room is two words see play room

Is ballroom two words or one?

Ballroom is one word meaning a large room used for dancing.

Is layout one word or two?

As in "the layout of the room is very nice", it is one word. As in "I will lay out all the pens on the table", it is two words.

Is this grammatically correct to say the men came today to lay the carpet in the living room?

"The men came today to lay the carpet in the living room" is grammatically correct. One could use less words though - "The men came today to lay the living room carpet".

How do you convert two words into one word make a single word from new door?

To convert two words into one, just united them as one. it 's simple! Living dead will become a Livingdead! And sounds much better as one word.

What is a alfresco living room?

An out door living room. Here's a pretty picture of how one person designed their outdoor living area

What is the name for a living room in a traditional Japanese house?

Living room in Japanese is commonly expressed as an i-ma or living space. Large traditional houses sometimes only have one living room and can function as a dining room, study room, or even a bed room. This is important to know because Japanese furniture is portable and when not used can be stored in an oshiire, a small part of the house that is used for storage.

How many couches are appropriate for a typical living room space?

Unless you have a very large living room, only one couch is necessary for a typical living room space.

What is the Difference between a living room and sitting room?

A sitting room has a table with comfortable chairs and a living room has a couch and comfy chairs. A living room probably has decorative things, maybe a piano. A sitting room can be a place for anyone to sit down more like a family room. A living room is usually one of your nicer rooms in your house.

Where are the forest creatures on song of dreams house of Anubis?

One is in the laundry room one is in the living room many are in the garden one is in the cellar one is in Patricia's room i was able to find 17 rest one i am searching if u got please improve this

How did the living room get its name?

One popular explanation is that the "Living room" came about after the custom of displaying the bodies of the deceased in the parlor was discontinued and a new name for this room (as opposed to the "family room") was created to distinguish it from that former custom as a room for the living only.

What pieces of furniture would you place in the drawing room?

Living room is one of the most important rooms in the entire house. In simple terms, the living room is the focal point of a home. Living Room Furniture By Materials ¤ Wooden Living Room Furniture ¤ Steel Living Room Furniture ¤ Silver Living Room Furniture ¤ Glass Furniture ¤ Aluminum Living Room Furniture ¤ Brass Living Room Furniture ¤ Bamboo Furniture ¤ Wrought Iron Living Room Furniture ¤ Leather Living Room Furniture ¤ Cane Furniture ¤ Wicker Furniture ¤ Rattan Living Room Furniture Wood is the most common commodity used in the making of furniture. Pieces of furniture placed in drawing room or living room are sofas & chairs, club chairs,cocktail tables, end tables, desks, side tables, and more.

Is dining room one word?

No. It is two words, and rarely connected by a hyphen to act as an adjective (noun adjunct). So you see dining room table as often as dining-room table.

How many chairs are appropriate for a typical living room space?

One is typical, but you can have up to three if your living room is a decent size.

Is play room one word or two?

It is one word (playroom)