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Q: Is loch silverfin a real place?
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When was SilverFin created?

SilverFin was created on 2005-03-03.

How many pages does SilverFin have?

SilverFin, the first book in the Young Bond series written by Charlie Higson, contains approximately 372 pages.

Is silverfin a mystery book?

Yes, Charlie Higson's Silverfin can be considered a mystery book, as well as an adventure/spy thriller.

Is the loch ness moster a myth or is it real?


What is the Lochs real name?

It's called Loch Ness. Or, in Gaelic, Loch Nis.

Is there such thing as loch nee monster in Asia?

no it has been proven that the loch nee monster is not real

Why did charlie higson write silverfin?

He wrote it because he did

Is the loch ness monster from Japan real?


Is the loch ness moster real?

There have been sightings of the loch ness monster but scienctist are still not convinced

Why is loch ness monster fake?

he's real

How big is the loch ness's monsters heart?

its not real! -_-

Is the locknestmonster real?

No, the Loch Ness Monster is a myth.