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The average person has 8-12 pints of blood in his or her body. Losing 3 pints is a major loss but nonetheless survivable.

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Is losing 4 pints of blood out of your body bad?


Is losing 2 pints of blood out of your body bad?

Not really. Your body replaces blood cells and fluid fairly rapidly.

Is losing 4 pints of blood bad?


Is losing 6 pints of blood bad?

Yes, that is very bad.

Is losing 5 pints of blood bad?

as the average adult has only 10 pints in the body, loss of half would not be a good thing

Is losing ten pints of blood bad?

Yes, you 'll be close to dying.

Is it bad to have 8 pints of blood in your body?

it all dpends on how big you are.

Is it bad to bleed from your nose?

well if your losing blood in any situation its bad

Is it bad bad bad to lose 3 pints of blood?

in a way it could be bad to lose 3 pints of blood but it depends what condition you are in when you lose it. It also depends too like if you lose it at periods of times or all at the same time. I hope i helped you out !

If you have to get 4 pints of blood in your body is that bad?

If you had to have the equivalent of 4 pints transfused then something significant has happened to make you lose some of your blood. So the answer is yes. However, if you are referring to what risk you may be open to; the blood supply is extremely safe in the US and blood transfusion is extremely common procedure so any risk is minimal.

Is losing one liter of blood in surgery bad?

They usually replace the lost blood at the same time.

Is the blood lossing in periods is good blood or bad blood?

its the bad blood which uw loose which should be sent out of the body...if this blood remains in ur body it myt occur in deseases

Why do periods hurt so bad?

Periods causes pain because it is something that is coming from the body and you are losing a lot of blood. Some people do not hurt while having a period.

Is it bad to have more water than blood in your body?

no your blood is mad of 90% of water

Why are blood clots during your periods bad?

Because your body is getting all the bad blood cells out.. It's a good thing.

Is blood good for you?

Blood is good when its inside your body! but if blood is spewing out of your body then that would be bad... if you drink blood it might make no difference.. it will have no effect as long as your not drinking a LOT!

Is it good or bad to have red blood cell with blood that is high in oxygen?

Neither - it depends where it is in the body

Is it bad if your body is low on iron?

yes, its bad for your body because iron keeps your red blood cells healthy,and we need red blood cells for breathing.. :) it also helps thicken the blood to clot. if your blood can't clot, you just keep bleeding

When you have a period does it get rid of bad blood?

when having a period, the unfertilized egg is released out of the body and the blood lining is released. this is not bad blood. it is full of nutrition in order for the egg to survive.

Is it bad if your veins pop out?

No its not bad if your veins pop out. Its actually really good for your body. It just means that , that part of your body has ... well blood.

Why is blood pressure bad for your health?

High blood preasure is not good for the body, as ahigh blood preasure can lead to a stroke.

Is it bad to vomit blood during pregnancy?

Vomiting blood is always a bad sign. This is especially true during pregnancy as your body is in a fragile state.

Is it bad to eat your own blood?

no cause it go back down your own body where the blood come from

Which part of the heart pumps blood to all parts of the body?

The right side of your heart pumps the blood through your body while the left cleans the bad blood (blood without oxygen).

How do the good germs in our body help fight the bad germs in our body?

its because of the white blood cells