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Lysosomes can be found in plant and animal cells but rarely found in a plant cell

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Is a lysosome found in plant or animal cells?

it is in both,animal and plant

What kind of a cell is a Lysosome found in?

They are found in both animal cells and plant cells. The animal cell is smaller than the lysosome in the plant cell.

Do plant cells have lysosome?

Some plant cells do have lysosome, while others don't. Lysosome is mostly found in animal cells and hold enzymes which are created by cells.

Is Lysosome a animal or plant cell?

Lysosomes are found in animal cells.

What exists in animal cells that does not exist in plant cells?

Lysosome, a cell organelle is found only in animal cells and not in plant cells.

What cell has lysosome?

animalThey are also found in plant cells. But fewer than animal cells

Are chloroplast and lysosome found in animal cells?

Chloroplasts are only in plants.Lysomes are found in both plant and animal cells

What two structures are found in animal cells and not plant cells?

The centrosomes and the lysosome organelles.

Does lysosome belong to both plant and animal cell?

No, lysosomes are only found in animal cells.

Is the lysosome found in the plant or animal or both?

Lysosomes are found in all animal cell and in some plant cell it is present but not in all plant cells.

Is the lysosme found in animal or plant cells?

Only in animal cells. Plant's central vacuoles can do the lysosome job there to a great extent.

Where lysosome is found?

A lysosome is found in the cytoplasm of a cell, either a plant or animal cell.

Is lyososome a plant or animal cell?

A lysosome is an organelle that is in both plant and animal cells.

Is lysome in a plant or animal?

If you are referring to the lysosome in plant or animal cells, then they live in both.

Is an lysosome in plant and animal cell?

They are in both cells. But there are many in animal cells.

Is lysosome are animal or plants?

Lysosomes are found in animal cells only not plant cells hope this was what you were asking cause I no can read yer grammars good

How do plant cells different from animal cells?

plant cells have a cell wall, large water vacuole, and chloroplast unlike animal cells. Animal cells have lysosome unlike plant cells.

What is found in animal cells but not plant cells?

found in animal cells but not plant cells

Are Lysosomes in an animal cell or a plant?

Lysosome occur in the cytoplasm of animal cells while they are usually not evident in plant cells. So to answer your question... Lysosomes are in animal cells.

Is lysosomes found in plants or animals cells?

Lysosome are found in animal cells as plant central vacuoles do the same job for plants as lysosomes do for animals. " Digestion " tasks.

Does a animal cell have lysosome?

YesAnimal cells hace many lysosomes. Plant cells have only few

Which of the following do plants cells have that animal cells do not?

plant cells have cell wall,vacuole, & chloroplasts.... animal cell have centrioles and lysosome

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