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Q: Is macConkey agar defined or undefined?
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Macconkey agar is a selective medium and it is also a defined or a undefined medium so why is that a formulation desirable?

This type of agar is designed to grow gram-negative bacteria. It will not grow gram-positive bacteria due to a dye in the formula of the agar.

Is EMB agar a defined or undefined medium?


What type of medium is macconkey agar?

types macconkey agar

What is a Mac plate?

MacConkey Agar plate

Is macconkey agar a synthetic media?


How do you grow Klebsiella pneumoniae?

MacConkey agar

Why MacConkey agar is solid at room temperature while MacConkey broth remains Liquid at room Temperature?

MacConkey agar is solid at room temperature because it is a gel-like polysaccharide. Broth that has 1.5 percent agar in it and is heated up will become a liquid.

What is the name of the acide base color indicator found in MacConkey agar?

Lac+ bacteria is acid base color indicator that lowers the pH of the MacConkey agar. The MacConkey agar contains neutral red dye, lactose, peptone, and crystal violet dye.

How does yersinia look on nutrient agar EMB agar and MacConkey agar?

Colorless, it doesnt ferment lactose.

Does enterococcus faecalis grow on macConkey agar?

this MacConkey with crystal violet can grow enterococcus

What is the culture characteristic of Ecoli thst grow on macconkey agar?

E.coli shows pink colour colonies in MacConkey agar due to fermentation of lactose

Does micrococcus luteus grow on macconkey agar?

MacConkey agar is designed to grow Gram-negative bacteria and also contains crystal violet dye which inhibits the growth of Gram-positive bacteria. Since S. aureus is Gram-positive it should not grow on MacConkey agar. No. MacConkey agar inhibits MOST of the Gram-positive bacteria. There are some Gram-positive bacteria that can tolerate bile-salt are able to grow in MacConkey agar. Enterococcus and some species of Staphylococcus are able to grow in MacConkey. (lack citation though)