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Yes, Malmesbury secondary school is still open.

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Q: Is malmesbury secondary school open
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What is the population of Malmesbury?

The population of Malmesbury is 4,631.

What is the meaning of the term malmesbury?

Malmesbury is a town and a market located in the south Cotswolds in the county of Wiltshire, England. Malmesbury is also a civil parish with center at Malmesbury Abbey.

When did Malmesbury Abbey end?

Malmesbury Abbey ended in 1539.

When did Alfred of Malmesbury die?

Alfred of Malmesbury died in 999.

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William of Malmesbury died in 1143.

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Sept 1968, as Cullybackey County Secondary School

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When was Malmesbury Victoria F.C. created?

Malmesbury Victoria F.C. was created in 1898.

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Malmesbury Branch Line was created in 1877.