Is marble heavy

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The rock, marble, is 2.56 times as heavy as water. One cubic foot of solid marble weighs 160 pounds.

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Q: Is marble heavy
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What is something heavy and inert?

A marble or a " goon( A heavy south African marble) "

How can you identify marble?

it is a heavy, solid rock with charcaterisitc white colouring

Why is marble rock used for statues?

The reason why marble is used for statues is because it is not only beautiful but it is very hard ,strong ,heavy and is hard to damage

Can fix marble over roof top?

Marble over a rooftop is not likely to fix it. In fact, marble is extremely heavy, and is actually more likely to cause problems because of the weight than anything else.

What objects sink?

well maybe a rock,a golf ball, and a marble. things that are heavy can sink

Where can a marble table be bought?

Marble tables are very expensive and heavy so it would be advisable to check that delivery is included and that they will deliver it to your address before making a purchase, especially if your home involves stairs. Italian Marble and The Marble House are two specialist sites offering marble tables for sale but they can also sometimes be found in local furniture stores.

Would a marble statue last longer in a dry desert or a warm region that has heavy industry?

In a dry desert

Do heavy and light objects fall from the same distance at the same rate?

yes, they wil, yo can test it out with a marble and a bowling ball

What is a marble statue?

A marble statue is a statue made of marble :)

Is a marble statue?

A marble statue is a statue made of marble :)

What does marble symbolize?


What is the mass of a marble in kilograms?

What size marble? And is it made of marble or glass?

How old is the marble in marble arch?

the marble arch was made in 1867

What is marble's light?

A marble light is a light fixture made of marble.

Is marble a noun?

Marble is both a noun and a verb. Marble is a noun when it describes an object, such as a spherical glass ball, also known as a marble. Marble is a verb when it describes an action, such as to marble a steak.

Is marble an insulator?

yes, a marble is an insulator. Since marble is made up of glass, marble is an insulator! Save

What was marble before it was marble?


What is the appearance of marble?

the appearance of marble is

What is the fracture of the marble?

What is the marble's fracture?

Is marble a metal?

marble is not a metal

Is marble renewable?

no marble is nonrenewable

Is marble magnetic?

A marble with a magnetic

Is a soap or marble harder?


What is marble in Hawaiian?

Marble = kinikini

What is compressed marble?

compressed marble