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yes, it is it can kill children

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What form is marijuana used in?

Marijuana is bad for the body and you can die from it Marijuana is bad for the body and you can die from it

Does the smoking marijuana around children affect them?

yes it is bad for your lungs no matter what kind of smoke it is.

What classification is marijuana?

Marijuana is bad

How bad is marijuana for youth?

Marijuana is not unhealthy.

Is marijuana bad to breath in for children?

Yes it is, its a developing mind... if you are going to toke up dont do it around your kids

Is it bad to smoke marijuana while drinking medication?

It is very bad to smoke marijuana. You shouldn't smoke marijuana in the first place.

Why is smoking bad for small children?

Smoking is bad for all people. Small children are likely more suceptible to the stuff in cigarettes, cigars, or, if you were asking about it, marijuana. Why you were asking this question, I am afraid to ask. I hope this helped!

What is a Marijuana smoker?

someone who smokes marijuana. What a bad question.

How bad is marijuana on the lungs?

bad but not as bad as smoking ciggarettes

Does marijuana go bad?


What is do bad about marijuana?


Does marijuana block your mind?

Is it bad for people in this world to smoke marijuana.

Is secondhand marijuana smoke harmful to children?

Yes, secondhand smoke of any kind is harmful to children. You should not be smoking marijuana or cigarettes for that matter in the presence of children, or even at all; it shows horrible responsibility and lack of caring/respect. If you smoke marijuana in front of children they are going to get the effects of the marijuana as well.

Is it bad to smoke marijuana while taking Monistat 7 for my yeast infection yes or no?

It bad to smoke marijuana - simple!

Does marijuana prevent the formation of DNA?

No, but marijuana is bad for you anyway, not to mention illegal.

Where you can find Marijuana?

California, never use marijuana it's very bad for you.

What can marijuana do to pregnant moms?

No it is bad, marijuana during pregnancy would affect your baby's growth and the development of his nervous system. Studies have shown that children who were exposed to marijuana during pregnancy sometimes have problems focusing their attention and solving problems just among somethings.

Is marijuana bad for the lungs?


How bad can marijuana hurt you?

it cant...................

Can you use golden seal to remove marijuana from your body if you have a bad heart?

last time i checked marijuana wasn't bad for the heart?

Why is marijuana illegal if there is more good things about it than the bad?

There are not more good things than bad about marijuana. It's as bad as tobacco, and nobody should use it.

Are there children on medical marijuana?

You must be 21 years or older to purchase medical marijuana.

Is it bad to do marijuana around kids?

Yes of course. They will inhale smoke and they will also see your example and at some stage of their lives mimic you

Is marijuana bad for dogs?

Yes, marijuana is bad for dogs - it can cause severe neurologic problems and lead to death if the dose is high enough. As a side note, marijuana possession is illegal in the US.

Can marijuana be transmitted?

nope. this cant be a real question... i refuse to believe someone is this dumb... are you implying that marijuana is a disease? no. It can not be transmitted, you cant catch a bad case of the marijuana, maybe a bad case of the munchies. but you have to smoke it yourself... you can't transmit marijuana.