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Marijuana is bad for teenagers in multiple respects. I cannot answer completely as I am not an expect in this area, however one disadvantage is that it can in fact damage your brain to such a point that your mental health can become dangerous. This then has effects on education, where you won't be able to concentrate etc which will then lead you to have a low-end job in the final result.

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Why do teenagers take marijuana?

Dont care

How many teenagers have used marijuana?

63% of teenagers between the ages of 13 - 18

What percentage of American teenagers have tried marijuana?

Studies show that 23% of teenagers in high school have tried marijuana. 19% of the teenage population has also admitted to driving while under the influence of marijuana.

How many teenagers die while on marijuana?


How many teenagers use marijuana in Australia?


Dangeruos effect of marijuana among the teenagers?

Marijuana is very addicting. It can take over your life.

What form is marijuana used in?

Marijuana is bad for the body and you can die from it Marijuana is bad for the body and you can die from it

What classification is marijuana?

Marijuana is bad

How much percent does teenagers take marijuana?


What is the most common illegal drug used by teenagers?


What drugs are in common among teenagers today?

marijuana,exstacy,and cocaine are the most common used drug by teenagers

How bad is marijuana for youth?

Marijuana is not unhealthy.

What drug is mostly used by teenagers because it is inexpensive and easy to get?


Is there a drug teenagers call branch?

yes it is a slang term for marijuana

Is the anime deathnote bad for teenagers to watch and why?

It's not bad for teenagers to watch, it just has a lot of death in it.

Is it bad to smoke marijuana while drinking medication?

It is very bad to smoke marijuana. You shouldn't smoke marijuana in the first place.

Is Onanism bad for teenagers?


What is a Marijuana smoker?

someone who smokes marijuana. What a bad question.

How bad is marijuana on the lungs?

bad but not as bad as smoking ciggarettes

Why does the marijuana appeal to teenagers?

I believe it is because of the notion that marijuana is not harmful, and is easily accessible. If you are worried about your teen, just do some research and talk about it.

Does marijuana go bad?


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Does marijuana block your mind?

Is it bad for people in this world to smoke marijuana.

What is the scary movie where the cops harass teenagers one of which has marijuana in his inhaler?

idle hands

What are the 2 most common drugs used by teenagers in the UK?

Marijuana,Prescription drugs >.

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