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Is marijuana considered a barbiturate?


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November 27, 2008 6:06PM

In no way is cannabis considered a barbiturate. It is a psychotropic, merely a mood enhancer, which is felt by the receptors in the cells that are binding with the Delta-9-THC. Barbiturates, on the other hand, are central nervous system depressants, and cause effects of sedation and/or anesthesia (in larger quantity). Taking Cannabis does not suppress the central nervous system, merely it causes a state of relaxation that is felt mentally first, then physically second. Barbiturates are more similar in effect to ethanol (consumable alcohol) and bares no relation with Cannabis, which does not metabolize at the same rate as a barbiturate, nor do they share similar effects of addiction, as Barbiturates are an addiction that can kill human beings even after surviving an overdose or heading to the withdrawal phase. Cannabis has never, in the history of western medical science, caused an overdose that resulted in death.