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Q: Is mass the same on earth as it is in space?
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What would your mass be in space if you weighed 48kg?

Your mass in space would be the same as your mass on Earth, but your weight in space would be zero.

If an object that has a mass of 4 kg on earth will have that same mass in space?


What is the mass of a hammer on the moon?

The mass of a hammer on the Moon is the same as the mass of that same hammer on Earth - or in space, or anywhere else.

What is the unit of mass in space?

The unit of mass that is used in space is the same unit of mass that is used on Earth. you can use Kg, g, pounds, tones...

Triple earth's mass effect its orbit?

The earth's mass has no effect on its orbit. An astronaut on a "space walk" hovering over the space shuttle's cargo bay is in the same earth-orbit as the shuttle itself is, although his mass is much less than the shuttle's mass. At the same time, the shuttle and the astronaut are both in the same solar orbit as the earth is, although each of them has quite a bit less mass than the earth has.

What is the mass of a spacecraft when it is in orbit around the moon?

It has the same mass as when it is here on earth. The mass of an object do not change when it is in space, or in orbit.

If your mass is 158 pounds on Earth then what is your mass in outer space?

I guess it would would be the same

If gravity equals 1.6meter squared what is your mass?

Your mass doesn't depend on gravity. You have the same mass whether you're on earth, on the moon, or in a space ship on the way.

Would your weight be the same in space as it on earth?

your mass will be the same, but you weight will differ. because as the calculation shows, weight= mass X gravity, and the gravity of the earth is 9.8 m/s2 and the gravity of the moon is 1.622 m/s2. so you weight will not be the same in the moon as of the earth.

Is the mass of a person the same on the earth?

Mass and weight are different.BUTTo make it complicated they are both stated in pounds or Kilograms SoWeight is how much force is holding to the planets surface. On the moon this is about one sixth of earth Mass is the same on earth and the moon or in deep space and is used to calculate how much energy it will take to move you.The answer you are looking for:Yes, the Mass of a person is the same on the moon and Earth.

Why does an austronaut ina satellite have no weight?

Weight is mass time gravity. If there is no gravity effect on someone in space, they are considered "weightless". They continue to have the same amount of mass whether they are in space or on Earth.

Does a brick weigh the same on earth as it does in space?

Weight is a measure of gravity's pull against some object. No a brick will not weigh the same on earth as in space or on the moon. It will, however, have the same mass.also weight and mass IS DIFFERENT weight is a measure of gravity pull against objects mass basicly mean how many atoms