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Is maths is necessary for bio students?


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If they wish to do well, then yes.


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is pure maths is necessary in doing bba

yup.. maths is necessary ... bt only basics ..

A: 9 students take biology but not history. B: 11 take neither bio nor history. Reasons: A: 9 is the answer because if you subtract the number of students who take history and bio (8) from the total number of bio students (17) you get 9 (the remaining number of bio students who do not take history). B: 11 is the answer because a total of 22 students take history. however, 8 students take bio and history, and before, we found that 9 students only take bio. Therefore, if we add up the number of only bio students and history students (of which some also take bio, but are not exclusively bio), we get 31 students. If we subtract 31 from 42 (the total number of students), we get 11 remaining students who are in neither bio nor history.

Its not necessary but it's advised

which subjects are required for bio medical engineering? which subjects are required for bio medical engineering? it is a major group with bio,and physics chem and maths.

Because its necessary ..!

Yes maths and drawing both essential for architecture.

It is necessary and very important in day to day life.

No, maths is really necessary to get admission in NIFT

Yes MCA can be done by a non MAths student but with some contraints.

Maths is necessary for many reasons; for life skills, your future job(s), Your money, taxes, bills. Also everything to do with money as you will need to learn how to control money in later life, for this you need maths

In science it is also necessary to use maths as you need to perform certain calculations.

Because you might need it when your older. And most colleges or jobs need basic education like maths, English and science ect.

i am very confused that what should i take either maths or bio

Students are taught trigonometry so they meet the needs in architecture, astronomy and in other fields because trigonometry is the branch of Maths and maths is being used everywhere.

Well Maths students are Focused on Calculating Not Programming Where as those who suck in maths will be Like awesome in Computer Programming. Like me .

Yes. Maths background is necessary for doing graduation in economics.

no, it is not necessary but in future if you want to do mba then it will come in use

He does not seem to have excelled at pure maths. Geometry was of course necessary for his projects.

Maths is necessary in every field. It is not directly needed in cosmetology but knowing maths will help u..

GATE Bio-Technology/CS,IT/Life Science/Maths/Agri

Biology is a science, so the idea of science andbiology does not make sense.

Her Bio said she was never liked in school, She Failed at Math.

Only if they go to good schools.

just to do time pass & iritate students.

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