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Masters is always MORE and HIGH VALUE than a Bachelors.

It's really very Wrong to Compare BE / Btech to MCA, because, as you all know that BE / Btech is NOT Eligible for doing Ph.D (CS/IT), as MCA degree is Eligible for Ph.D

The Person, Who Compare BE / Btech to MCA should study about the Difference between a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree.

MCA is a Post Graduate (PG) Degree, Where as BE / Btech is just an Under Graduate (UG) Degree. So, MCA Degree Holders usually get MORE Recognition and Respect than a BE / Btech.

MCA is Equivalent to ME (Computer Science and Engineering).

Particularly, MCA with Only B.Sc. (Computer Science) background is Equivalent to ME (Computer Science and Engineering).

B.Sc. Computer Science (3 Yrs) + MCA (3 Yrs) = 6Years.

BE Computer Science (4 Yrs) + ME (2 Yrs) = 6 Years.

MCA and ME both are Equal.

Companies are giving Equal priority to both MCA and ME.

Two Master's Degrees, MCA and ME, are treated Same for jobs and there is no difference in the competence ratings.

Both MCA and ME (Computer Science and Engineering) Professional Degree courses, the contents of theory and practical syllabus are Same.

MCA and ME Degree holders are Equal to each other.

MCA - Master of Computer Applications.

ME - Master of Engineering (Computer Science and Engineering).

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Thanks and best regards to you all.

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Q: Is mca is better than msc in physics?
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you can join MCA or Geoinformatice programme

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MCA from NIT Kurukshetra.

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Where can you get free download PG complete projects for mca msc students?

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What is the diefference between MCA and MSc Computer Science?

MSc Computer Science and MCA are Post Graduation in Computing.Computer Application given preference to Software Applications whereas Computer Science gives Preference in Development of Computer Architecture,Computer System Development,Algorithm and Flow Charts.Simply we can say that Computer Science is the study about theoretical aspect of computers. Both the Courses syllabus are same.But we can say that MCA is more professional and new generation course.One who would aims at Industry can better to take MCA and who are interested in Teaching/Research can go for MSc-Computer Science. Eligibility and Duration are different for both courses.MCA is 3 Years(6 Semester) couse.But the Duration of MSc-C.S is 2 Years/4 Semesters. Eligibility(MCA):Graduates in any Sream with Maths at Grduate/12th Leve are eligible for MCA Eligibilty(MSc-C.S): BSc-C.S/IT/BCA OR BSc in Electronics,Physics,Maths & Applied Science are eligible for MSc(CS). Job Profile(MCA) : Software Engineer,Application Developer,Database Administrator ,Teachers etc.. Job Profile(MSc-CS): Computer Architects/Scientist,System Engineer/Network Engineer,System Analyst etc..

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You are a BCA degree holder Are you eligible to do MS?

If you are asking for MCA/MSc than certainly YES and if you are asking for MS degree from USA than a Big NO.

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Weather mca and msc it are equivalent?

MCA is equivalent to ME (Computer Science and Engineering). MCA - Master of Computer Applications. ME - Master of Engineering (Computer Science and Engineering). Thanks and best regards to you all.

What is the difference between MCA and MSC.IT?

MCA is the course where other student other than BSC computer science or BSC computer technology can do...MCA is better course than MSC ...since many company wanted the guys MCA rather than MSC .So, it would be better to go with MCa "MCA & MScIT both of them are mastres degree......different is just in the duration.....both courses provide good software skills.....i think after MCA & MScIT your skills are more important.....So give attention to your knowledge and skills....they will give you the right job...."

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