Is mervyns still operating

Updated: 12/1/2022
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Q: Is mervyns still operating
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When did Mervyns end?

Mervyns ended in 2008.

When was Mervyns created?

Mervyns was created on 1949-07-29.

Can old Mervyns gift cards be used anywhere?

Can you use mervyns gift cards at kohls

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Does mervyns department stores have layaways?


Is ferry still operating?

There are thousands of ferries still operating.

What time does Mervyns open?

8a.m, but 7a.m on Sale Day's.

Is mervyns going out of business on January 10 2009?


Can a fourteen year old work at mervyns?

Sorry but a fourteen year old can not work at mervyns I went to the mervyns official website to see but You have to be at least sixteen to work there I think its because they need people who are experienced in saslesmenship and they might think a fourteen year old might not have enough experience. If you are go to one of the stores and see what they say

Who manufacturers Mervyns High Sierra private label brand?

Mervyns carries the brand high sierrra, I am looking for a blue denim jacket with a nice lining. Let me know if someone can find one. Mine is worn badly.

Who manufactures Mervyns Partners intimates?

Mervyn's Partners Intimates were manufactured in Hong Kongj