Is meteorology an exact science

Updated: 9/24/2023
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No It is anything but. It is more about collecting as much data as possible and making informed predictions.

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Q: Is meteorology an exact science
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What degree do you need to become a meteorologist?

Meteorology or Atmospheric Science is the most common. Depending on the exact job, you will find people with degrees in physics, engineering, environmental science, computer science....

Is meteorology a field of geology?

no, meteorology is the study of atmospheric science. geology is the science of the earth's physical features.

Is meteorology considered earth science?

Yes. earth science has different branches - meteorology - oceanographic - environmental science - geology - astronomy

Meteorology part of biology?

Meteorology is part of Earth and Space Science.

What part of science is meteorology?

Meteorology is the science concerned with weather generally. From the Greek originally, meteros meaning 'from on high'.

What are the branches of meteorology?

The study of meteorology is made up of three branches. These branches are microscale meteorology, mesoscale meteorology, and synoptic scale meteorology.

What branch of science does meteorology belong to?

physical science

What branch of science meteorology belong?

earth science

What is the science of objects in space?


What science branch is Clouds?


What is the science that deals with weather?


What are the three branches in science?

Geology meteorology environmental science