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Is methonal a bromine?

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Bromine is an element.Methanal is an aldehyde,an organic compound.

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the boiling point of methonal is 90

There's no such thing as "methonal." There is "methanol," which easily dissolves into water.

a chemical with a formula of CH3OH it is toxic

Methonal does not exist. Methanol (CH3OH) or methanal (CH2O) do exist, which one do you mean.

Yes,bacause ashwood is less dense than methonal

Bromine is pure liquid bromine Bromine Water is bromine mixed with water

Liquid bromine is the Real Bromine, while Bromine water is a mixture of Bromine and Water

Bromine is bromine no matter how toxic

Liquid = Bromine Solid = Solid Bromine Gas = Bromine vapor

Bromine liquid is the element bromine (Br) in liquid form. Nothing else is there. Bromine Aqueous solution is the element bromine dissolved in a solvent.

One has water in it (bromine water) and the other is just pure bromine.

Bromine is a liquid at Room, but it give out some bromine vapor

2 atoms of Bromine[Br] are in Molecular Bromine(Br2)

You will see Aqueous Bromine or Bromine water

No. Bromine is a nonmetal.

No, Bromine is an element.

Yes, a Bromine atom can bond to another similar Bromine atom, to make a Bromine molecule: Br2

Bromine is an element, and therefore a pure substance, not a mixture. However, sometimes people loosely refer to bromine water (a solution of bromine in water) as just bromine.

Bromine is non-flammable. Many fire-retardants are bromine based.

No, bromine is an element. But bromide is an electrolyte of bromine with a negative charge of 1.

Fluorine, and Chlorine can displace bromine from a compound.

Two natural isotopes of bromine are known:- bromine-79: 50,69 %- bromine-81: 49,31 %

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