Is mining coal dangerous

Updated: 9/18/2023
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In Runescape it's really not. A few years ago you could mine a rock and when it started to smoke, you were supposed to stop mining- your pick could break! Other than that no it is like all other mining- completely safe. I'm not sure if this still takes place, but most likely not. You cannot die, or be hurt, really.

If you mean in the real world, (I got here from a Runscape, an Online MMORPG by Jagex,) it is extremely and it used to be very dangerous. Explosions used to expand the tunnels could kill people, tunnels collapse, people get lost, and the smoke causes cancer/and it is bad for the lungs. It's not safe.

Sources: My 4 years of Runescape / 8th Grade Education lol

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In the past, coal mining was very dangerous. Mine walls and roofs failed, vehicles collided, gases exploded and people experienced suffocation, gas poisoning, roof collapse. Gas explosions can cause coal dust explosions, which are much more dangerous and can affect a large area. Aside from explosions, build up of hazardous gases, called damps, are responsible for the suffocation and poisoning of unfortunate miners.

However, modern technology has reduced many of this hazards. In the US, coal mining has a .02% fatality rate. Unfortunately, less developed countries are still stricken by poor working conditions and plentiful accidents, and chronic lung diseases, such as pneumoconiosis (black lung) are still a problem, though the number of cases has been falling.

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Q: Is mining coal dangerous
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Children shouldn't work in a coal mine?

No, they should not. In most of the world, it is against the law. Mining- especially coal mining, can be an extremely dangerous job.

Why is coal dust build out of coal mining in the enclosed area dangerous?

any concentration of dust is potentially explosive

Can coal mining harm your health?

Oh yes, coal mining is very dangerous to your health. If you do not breathe well filtered air, it will cause black lung disease.

Why is coal mining a difficult task?

coal mining can be a dangerous job, thousands of miners have been killed or injured in accidents in the mines, many more suffer from " black lung".

Why coal mining is dangerous?

The biggest danger in retreat coal mining is the miners are removing coal pillars as the miners "retreat". The removal of coal pillars, which support the mine's roof, can cause mine collapse.

Why is coal mining industry decreasing?

Dangerous, unsafe, and causes pollutants. There are more ways of cleaner energy.

Is coal a mining product?

yes! coal is a mining product.

How coal is recovered?

coal is recovered from mining

Is there anything that will harm a person in coal mining?

Coal mining is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. Things that can harm you include having rocks fall on you, getting caught in the machinery, fires/explosions from coal dust and methane gas, and Black Lung Disease from inhaling coal dust.

Coal mining effects on environment and its prevention?

Coal mining can do alot to the enviroment. Coal mining can pollute the air, and destroy habitats like forests and wetlands. Coal mining can do alot to the enviroment. Coal mining can pollute the air, and destroy habitats like forests and wetlands.

When was Kentucky Coal Mining Museum created?

The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum was created in 1994.

Where to mine coal on RuneScape?

FreeMining Guild - 37 coal rocks, the most in a single mining areaSouthern wilderness mining site - 34 coal rocksBandit camp mining site - 20 coal rocksDwarven Mine resource dungeon - 13 rocksDwarven Mine - 11 coal rocksNorth Crandor mining site - 7 coal rocksWest Lumbridge Swamp mining site - 7 coal rocksEdgeville dungeon mine - 6 coal rocksBarbarian Village mining site - 4 coal rocksAl Kharid mining site - 3 coal rocksNorth Edgeville mining site - 3 coal rocksMembersAbandoned Mine - 26 coal rocksCoal Trucks - 18 coal rocksLegends' Guild mining site - 13 coal rocksGrand Tree mine - 11 coal rocks (close to Grand Tree bank)Heroes' Guild mine - 11 coal rocksKeldagrim north-east mine - 9 coal rocksJatizso mine - 8 coal rocksTzHaar mine - 8 coal rocksKeldagrim entrance mining site - 7 coal rocksCentral Fremennik Isles mining site - 7 coal rocksRellekka mining site - 7 coal rocksArdougne sewers mine - 5 coal rocksKeldagrim south-west mine - 5 coal rocksSouth-east Ardougne mining site - 4 coal rocksDesert Mining Camp surface mining site - 4 coal rocksEvil Chicken's Lair mine - 4 coal rocksMiscellania & Etceteria Dungeon Mine - 4 coal rocksPirates' Hideout mining site - 4 coal rocksFalador mining site - 2 coal rocksKaramja mining site - 1 coal rockFight Arena mining site - 1 coal rock