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Q: Is molten metal solidifies exothermic or endothermic?
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Is strong acid burning through metal exothermic or endothermic?

It is a exothermic reaction.

Is the reaction of sulphuric acid and metal carbonate an exothermic or endothermic reaction?

This is a vigorous exothermic reaction.

Is rusting metal exothermic or endothermic?

It is an exothermic reaction. However, rusting of iron liberates only a small amount of heat as compared to other forms of metal corrosion.

Is the chemical reaction for aluminum exothermic or endothermic?

Yes it is. When these two chemicals react, the container they are in becomes heated. Exothermic refers to a release of heat and energy.

What is the viscosity of rocks and of metal when they are molten?

The viscosity of molten rock and metal will vary depending on their chemistry.

Is molten gold a solution?

A molten metal is not a solution, it is a liquid.

What is molten ore?

When purified solid metal is heated under very high temperature it changes to liquid metal .This liquid metal is called molten metal .

Is earth's mantle made of molten rock or molten metal?

metal maybe iron or nickel or both

The ability of sand to permit the metal to shrink when it solidifies is known is?

its Collapsibility.

Is metal have the same meaning as molten?

no METAL is a type of an elements eg. silver, copper MOLTEN means soemthing has melted completely. eg. molten lava from a volcano.

What metal is used in magnets?

Typically iron. When an electric current is passed through molten iron as it cools and solidifies, the iron molecules retain their field orientation. Even stronger magnets have been made using alloys of neodymium, iron, and boron.

Is mantle made of molten metal?

No. Only the outer core is molten.