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Q: Is money a blessing or a curse?
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Is being handicapped a blessing or a curse?

Nothing in itself is a blessing or a curse. It is what is made of it by human beings that makes something a blessing or a curse.

Is biotechnology a curse as it is a blessing?


Is tuition a curse or blessing?


Is TV a curse rather than a blessing?

is a curse is a curse

Fastfoods are incresing today is it curse or blessing?


Is human genetic engineering a blessing or a curse?

Science is always neutral; it is what people use it for, that is the blessing or curse.

Is foreign aid a blessing or a curse for Pakistan?

It is a curse

Is lust for money a curse or a blessing?

Lust for money can be both a curse and a blessing. On one hand, it can drive individuals to pursue their goals and work hard for success. However, when taken to an extreme, it can lead to greed, corruption, and a disregard for ethical behavior, which can be detrimental to both individuals and society.

Was the wooden horse a blessing or curse for whom was it a blessing?

It was a 'blessing' for the Greeks (and a 'curse' for the Trojans) because it enabled the Greeks to finally conquer the city of Troy.

Misery is to happiness as what is to blessing?

Misery is to happiness as curse is to blessing.

Is urbanization a blessing or a curse?

i thnik its a blessing and upcrouse a cruse...

What are themes in the Beggar king and the secret to happiness?

A curse can be a blessing and a blessing can be a curse. Loss Truth is ugly. Happiness Silence