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Yes Msc Electronics is equivalent to BE Electronics

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Q: Is msc electronics equivalent to be electronics?
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Which degree has more opportunities Msc in Physics or Msc in Electronics?

obviously physics

What copurse you have to prefer after your bsc electronics and communication systems?

msc applied electronics or msc electronics and communication systems is preferable in another case if you wish for software line then mca is preferable

Syllabus of msc electronics of bharathidasan university?


How do you join Amie after Bsc Electronics?

1) After bsc electronics first you go to job after you do amie or amiete 3yrs for bsc electronics and diploma students. amie or amiete is better than btech distance mode or correspondense or msc electronics distance mode. amie and amiete is a non formal engineering degree but no distance education or correspendence. amiete or amie best option who want to persue work balance engineering degree and core related high salary . please take this idea really better future for working professionals.. 2) Another regular course options for bsc electronics ; msc electronics and communication or msc electronics and telecommunication or be/btech ece 3yrs for bsc electronics.other options mba or mca please take this idea better for who want to persue regular degree in college/university. please note : msc electronics and communication or telecommunication better than msc electronics or msc applied electronics or msc electronics and instumentation this degree is limited jobs

Is BE equivalent to master degree like MSc?

Yes, MSc is equivalent to BE/B tech

Is MSc in Organic Chemistry equivalent to BSc Chemistry?

Stupid question, how can MSc be equivalent to BSc.

What type of jobs in msc electronics and instrumentation technology?

If you have a degree in MSC electronics and instrumentation technology, there are a number of jobs that you can get. Some examples include computer information specialist, information security coordinator, and enterprise information officer.

Is B PHARMA degree course is equivalent to Msc?

yes both are considered equivalent.

What is the role of an anchor MSC in GSM network?

The anchor MSC is the MSC from which a handover has been initiated. The target MSC is the MSC toward which a Handover should take place.

2- What is the role of an anchor MSC in GSM Network?

The anchor MSC is the MSC that handled the first call procedure. It will always be in charge of the call. If mobile moves to another MSC the call will go to the anchor MSC and then to the second MSC. If the mobile moves to a third MSC the second MSC will be no longer be part of the call.

How do you compare MSc electronics with BE electronics?

In Electronics, the classification is generally as follows: MSc (or MS) is a Master of Science degree normally undertaken after a bachelor-level degree such as BSc or BE has been acquired. Methods of assessment vary but are often a mix of examination and written work, including a substantial dissertation concerning a project chosen by the candidate by agreement with their tutors. MEng (Master of Engineering) degrees are of a similar academic level and always concern the application of engineering science rather than theoretical areas. An MSc is often, however, an engineering degree that focuses upon the application of science, in a similar way to an MEng. The degree title is determined mainly by the awarding institution.

What are the Top colleges in INDIA offering MSc electronics?

IIT Madras, IIT Delhi, Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Vellore Institute of Technology, B.S.Abdur Rahman University