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Yes, it is. NCC Education is a private for-profit educational institution that offers certificates to diploma level qualifications through its network of affiliated institutions. In general, NCC qualifications are recognized and accepted throughout the world by most institutions. Its most popular course being the NCC International Diploma in Computer Studies (IDCS). Most institution recognizes the NCC-IDCS as equivalent to the GCE "A" levels or a NVQ Level 3 Certificate. NCC Education is a part of ''Informatics Group Ltd an public listed education company based in Singapore.


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In terms of NCC Home Learning and accreditation, you will need to check each course specifically to find out the accrediting body against each individual programme. NCC Home Learning have courses accredited by Ascentis (previously OCNW), OCN (Open College Network), NCFE, EDI, Edexcel, ABC etc. Check their webiste and search for courses here:

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Yes, NCC Education diplomas are recognised by many countries and their academic institutions. You do need to check with individual places sometimes to let them know who the NCC Education are, so they can check if they accept them.

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Q: Is ncc education diploma recognised
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