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Is neptunium combustible?


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Neptunium is not combustible but pyrophoric as a powder.


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Neptunium trifluoride is an intermediate for the preparation of neptunium metal.

Neptunium is not brittle.

Neptunium has not a smell.

Neptunium is an individual element; isotopes of neptunium are not separated.

Neptunium is a metal, it is not corrosive.

Neptunium has a metallic appearance.

Neptunium as a powder is pyrophoric.

Neptunium is not in foods.

Neptunium is not a flammable material.

No use today; neptunium trifluoride is used to prepare neptunium metal.

Neptunium is a reactive element. See below a link about neptunium compounds.

Neptunium is an artificial element; in the nature neptunium is found in uranium ores, but is extremely rare.

Neptunium is an artificial element.Amounts of natural neptunium are absolutely nonsignificant.

Neptunium atom is neutral; ions of neptunium have valences between 3 and 7.

Neptunium is a chemical element. Atomic Number: 93, Atomic Symbol: Np. Neptunium is fissionable. For this, it is used as fuel in a fast neutron reactor or in a nuclear weapon. Neptunium is not a magnet.

Fortunately, neptunium is not for public sale !

Neptunium is a member of the actinides group.

Neptunium has 93 protons.

Neptunium has 93 electrons.

Neptunium has 93 electrons.

Neptunium was discovered in 1940.

Neptunium don't smell.

The valences of neptunium are +3 and +4.

Neptunium is dangerous: toxic and radioactive.

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