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no! its not accredited at all! if you are not a senior you take classes. if you are you take a practice test $175. tutoring $35 per class and $350 for you final and its the same questions as the practice. you can go a community college after ONLY. you will never beable to go a university unless they highly want you for sports. good luck. they are just money hoggers! in duncanville you can go to PACE and that is much much better and everyone is super nice!

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Q: Is new beginnings christian academy a real accredited diploma?
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What college accepts new beginnings christian academy diploma?

what online college accept NBCA


Does seminole state college accept cornerstone christian academy

Does Florence -Darlington tech accept Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School as a accredited diploma?

no, they do not.

Is Lincoln Academy High School diploma approved by the Department of Education?

Yes it is accredited my the NHsaa it is a accredited online service to help students with busy lives

What colleges accept Lincoln Academy diploma?

None Ive tried applying at every school and they say its not accredited

If someone has a high school diploma from Cornerstone Correspondence School will the police academy accept it?

Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School is not an accredited school, it does not meet government standards and the diploma will not be accepted by any state colleges, universities or militaryservice==Address: Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School, 3149 U S Highway 17, Townsend, GA 31331 Phone (912) 832-3834 or (912) 832-6663

Do the National Guard accept the conerston christian correspondence high school diploma?

If it is listed as an accredited school then yes. See a recruiter and it will be confirmed.

Will the army accept a non accredited diploma?

No a friend of mine tried and it HAS to be accredited,but even one that's accredited is looked at as a Tier 2 diploma (meaning GED).

Where can I get a correspondence high school diploma ?

First Coast Academy is an accredited high school, registered with the Florida Department of Education. Through our program, you get a diploma instead of just a piece of paper showing you passed a GED equivalency examination.

Is IRERIE accredited?

diploma mill

Does the army accept high school diploma from Britain academy in thomasville nc?

It depends on what accreditation the army accepts. My guess would be that they would not accept their diploma since most state and national colleges do not recognize Brittain Academy's diploma as one of the main accredited schools. From what I know, they used to be accredited by the required organizations for the Southeastern states, but lost their accreditation. All the people I've dealt with that have completed a high school program with Brittain Academy have tried to enter college and were told they would need to obtain a GED before being accepted into a program because their high school diploma is not an acceptable diploma. Don't waste your money, there are plenty of online high school programs that are legitimate. Brittain Academy is not. I hope you follow this advice. Good luck on your endeavors.

What college in Florida wll take American academy of pinecrest diploma?

I got my high school diploma from american academy of pinecrest and I have been in more than six college including keyser university, Itt technical institute and miami dade college and they will not take it because they are not accredited by tallahassee and there isn't a certificate number in their diploma anyone could make a diploma without a authentication number or known as certificate serial number