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Is no credit worse than bad credit?


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Not having a credit history is better than having a bad credit history. Bad credit is very bad...

No credit is good.

you are now ready to apply for credit. Start small, like a department store credit card. You must establish credit and use it in order to get a credit rating.


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The worst thing about a bad credit mortgage is the price you have to pay. You get a worse rate and have to pay more for longer than if you have a good credit mortgage.

When a Canadian moves to the U.S. their credit history in Canada is irrelevant. They will have no credit in the U.S. though, which can be worse than having bad credit. hi

Yes, but the consequences of having bad credit could be and would be much worse than just losing your card. +++ Primarily, you would find it far harder to obtain credit, including mortgages, in future

Yes there are companies like this. Keep in mind that you will recive significantly worse interests on your payment than you would without the bad credit rating.

Both, Its bad debt period and you will suffer bad with either.

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Yes, it is possible to get a loan even if you have bad credit. However, it will be more difficult than if you have good credit and the interest rates are often higher than if you have good credit.

Real bad. It's even worse than Aids or cancer.

Yes you can in fact get a credit card with bad credit. You will have to pay a high interest rate than others because of this though.

It would be better than having bad credit.

It is very hard to get any kind of mortgage including a second one after you have bad credit and the worse your credit is the harder it gets to get any morgage. There are a few places out there that will give you one but very very few.

no, it is a thin file and will show as a 0, bad credit will show a score of 350-less than 600

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Finding a credit card with a bad credit score can be hard. The more you get refused, the worse your score gets. It is often suggested starting with a secured credit card to improve the score. Secured credit cards can be obtained at American Express and other providers.

Yes you can! If you can afford to place a security deposit of $200 or more you can get a secured credit card. You are guaranteed approval for a secured credit card regardless of how bad is your credit and what is your income. There is also a chance that you might be able to get an unsecured credit card, if your credit is closer to fair than bad.

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You might to find out what your credit score is first through a reputable agency , and if worse comes to worse you could always find a home that is rent to own .

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NO. If you have bad credit, it will only be erased if you make it better. Paying bills on time, paying more than is due on payments and staying within your spending budget is a way to build your bad credit into good credit.

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