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ya its approved by ugc

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Q: Is nsou recognised by ugc or aicte?
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Is Dr mgr university is ugc aicte recognised?

yes it is aicte and ugc recognised

Is lpu is ugc recognised and AICTE approval?

if college is recognised by UGC but not recognised by AICTE then student not faced any problem for govt. job.

Is U.P Rajarshi Tandon Open University Allahabad recognised by ugc?

yes uprtou is recognised by ugc...dec..aicte

Is it recognised and approved by AICTE and UGC?

shiv shankar inst. & trch, Punjab approved by aicte?

Is mphil library science from vinayakamission university is recognised by ugc 08-09?

ugc and aicte

Is niilm universities approved by ugc aicte?

NIILM University is recognised by UGC and has included this on its website.

Is kanpur vidyapeeth university is AICTE approved?

yes its ugc recognised

Is rayalaseema university recognised?

is rayalaseema university approved by ugc and aicte

Is Ukraine national aerospace university recognised by aicte?

yes, it is approved by UGC

Is ms university Tamil nadu is ugc recognised?

ms university tamilnadu is Ugc aicte ddec approved

Is lpu in btec programme recognised by aicte or ugc?

LPU is definitely recognized by UGC, about your query regarding AICTE, the technical institutes do not require the approval of aicte as announced by the supreme court, check

Is maharishi dayanand university rohtak AICTE approved?

is maharshi dayanand university is aicte approved or not