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Nutria belong to th family Myocastoridae. Muskrats belong to the family Cricetidae. So they do not belong to the same family.

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Q: Is nutria in the muskrat family?
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What animals look like muskrat?

There are a variety of animals similar in nature to the muskrat, but the most common animals that bare a similarity to the muskrat are the groundhog and nutria.

What is mean by nutrias?

Nutria is a large, aquatic rodent, native to tropical Americas. Similar to a very large muskrat.

What does a nutria look like?

The nutria, or more correctly, "coypu", is a large rodent of Central and South America, that resembles a really large muskrat. Introduced into many U.S areas, where they are labeled a pest.

How is a groundhog different from a nutria?

Nutria are semi aquatic while groundhogs are terrestrial. Physically, nutria have webbed rear feet and a mostly hairless, long rounded tail while a groundhog has a furry tail and his feet are not webbed. Nutria also have more prominent whiskers than a groundhog and a whitish chin. if you can get a look at the animal's incisors, orange to reddish incisors are characteristic for nutria. Nutria can be distinguished from muskrats by their size (nutria are larger) and their tails. The hairless tail of a muskrat is laterally compressed (thinner from side-to-side than it is top dorsal to ventral) while the tail of the nutria is fully round.

Is the muskrat the same as a woodchuck?

No. Both are of the order Rodentia (rodents). A muskrat is of the Muridae family (rats and mice). A woodchuck is of the Sciuridae family (squirrels).

What animals are chiefly taken in the fur harvest?

The species are, in descending order: muskrat, raccoon, opossum, nutria, beaver, coyote, mink, and gray and red fox

What type of animals live in freshwater?

Mussels,Crayfish,Fish,Turtles,Otters,Muskrat,Beaver,Shrimp,Snails,Alligator,Nutria,and Mink...These are all fresh water animals :)

What are the release dates for Family Matters - 1989 Muskrat Love 4-11?

Family Matters - 1989 Muskrat Love 4-11 was released on: USA: 8 January 1993

What food has nutria in it?

A nutria is actually an animal. A nutria is actually an animal.

Kingdom phylum class order family genus and species of a nutria?

Scientific classification of the nutia:Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ChordataClass: MammaliaOrder: RodentiaFamily: MyocastoridaeGenus: MyocastorSpecies: M. coypusBinomial name: Myocastor coypus

Does the nutria hibernate?

Nutria do not hibernate

What eats the bald cypress tree?

Nutria is a species of rodent similar to the muskrat. The species is endemic to South America and was imported in the US by E. A. McIlhenny (Tabasco sauce maker). He thought it would be a source of revenue for fur trappers. However, the pelt of the Nutria is not prized as a valuable fur and has little commercial value. This was an interesting question? Is this for homework?

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