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Is nylon a polymer?

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Nylon is a synthetic polymer

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What substance is nylon?

nylon is a polymer

What is the difference between nylon and polypropylene?

Polypropylene is a an addition polymer and nylon is a condensation polymer. Additionally, polypropylene is not affected by hydrolysis, while nylon is.

Is nylon 66 a polymer?

It is.

An example of a synthetic polymer?

Nylon is an example of a synthetic polymer.

Is nylon a metal?

Nylon is a synthetic polymer. It contains no metal.

Why did nylon 6 6 polymer form only at the interface of the two liquid phases?

Because polymer supteractes nylon so 2 luiquid will atacet nylon

What raw materials make nylon?

Nylon is a polymer derived from petroleum.

Is nylon fiber hydrophobic or hydrophilic?

Nylon is a hydrophobic material.

Is nylon a natural polymer?


What was the polymer invented by Carothers?


What is another name for nylon?


What group includes ammonia which makes nylon?

We dont use ammonia to make nylon. Nylon is a polymer.

Is nylon 66 a thermosetting polymer?


What is a tent made from a polymer developed in a chemical laboratory silk wool cotton or nylon?

it is nylon because nylon is a chemical

What materials are nylon?

Nylon are synthetic fibres, they are long chain polymer having amide bonds.

Name the monomer of nylon 6 polymer?


What is the name of the polymer that replaced silk in 1938?


What is the polymer of economically-priced stockings?


What to chemicals are mixed to form the polymer nylon?

Nylon polymer is made by reacting monomers which are either lactams, acid/amines or stoichiometric mixtures of diamines (-NH2) and diacids (-COOH).

What is one polymer?

One of the many polymers that exist is Nylon.

Which sythetic polymer is made into fibers that do not wear out easily?


What is a man made polymer such as plastics nylon and polyester?


What is the pH level of Nylon?

Nylon is a polymer insoluble in water so it can not change the pH value of water which is 7.

Nylon is another name for what group of polymers?

Nylon is under a group of condensation polymer called poly-amides.

Why is Nylon more water resistant?

Nylon is a synthetic polymer, and has no ability to absorb water - much like plastic.

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