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Q: Is old age the cause of thinning skin?
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What was the cause of Molly Pitcher's death?

She was 87 years of age so it was likely old age.

When does skin become less flexible?

post menopausal, into old age

What is the best way to prevent old age?

There is no way to prevent someone from aging, or reaching an old age. There are different skin creams that can help make someone at an old age appear younger.

Do they die of old age?

All living things can die of old age if no other cause kills them first.

What natural cause killed Saint Patrick?

Patrick probably died of complications of old age.

What is the leading cause of death in Spain?

Old age

What was the cause of Fibonacci death?

he died of old age

What is the cause of the greatest?

texting and drivingAdded: Old age.

What is the cause of the death of alessandro volta?

Old age.

What effects does old bull mold grease have on skin?

It may cause irritation.

What did the old stone age carry in their baskets?

they carried food and animal skin

Why do old women whistle when they sky dive?

its is cause the old ladys skin is flapping in the air ;D