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Q: Is oligomenorrhea the failure to menstruate?
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Anovulation is the failure to menstruate?


what is the medical term for scanty monthly flow?


How do you use the medical term oligomenorrhea in a sentence?

Sometimes it was convenient to "suffer" from oligomenorrhea; she saved a lot of money on tampons.

What are the symptoms of oligomenorrhea?

Symptoms of oligomenorrhea include: menstrual periods at intervals of more than 35 days, irregular menstrual periods with unpredictable flow, some women with oligomenorrhea may have difficulty conceiving.

What is the treatment for oligomenorrhea?

Treatment of oligomenorrhea depends on the cause. In adolescents and women near menopause, oligomenorrhea usually needs no treatment. For some athletes, changes in training routines and eating habits may be enough.

What is olgomenorrhea?

Oligomenorrhea is a condition where in a woman gets infrequent and light menstruation. A woman diagnosed with Oligomenorrhea only gets 4 to 9 periods annually.

What is the condition known as oligomenorrhea?

Young girls may not have regular periods for their first year or two, or their periods may be very light, a condition known as oligomenorrhea.

What does oligomenorrhea means?

Oligomenorrhea is infrequent or very light menstruation. Women whose periods were regularly established before they developed problems with infrequent flow. With oligomenorrhea, menstrual periods occur at intervals of greater than 35 days, with only 4-9 periods in a year.

What prefix means few?

Oligo- as in oligarchy, oligomenorrhea, oliguria.

Which term means light or infrequent menstual flow?


How is oligomenorrhea diagnosed?

Diagnosis of oligomenorrhea begins with the patient informing the doctor about infrequent periods. The doctor will ask for a detailed description of the problem and take a history of how long it has existed and any patterns.

How can oligomenorrhea be prevented?

Oligomenorrhea is preventable only in women whose low body fat to weight ratio is keeping them from maintaining a regular menstrual cycle. Adequate nutrition and a less vigorous training schedules will normally prevent.