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The dancers in the video are female. Their names are Ebony Williams and Ashley Everett.

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Q: Is one of the dancers in Beyonce single ladies a man?
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Is one of the dancers in Beyonce single ladies video a man?

No, neither of the two dancers in the Single Ladies video is a man. Their names are Ebony Williams and Ashley Everett.

Is one of beyonce single ladies backup dancers a man?

no they are both women

Is the dark ladie in beyoncey single ladies video a man?

yes, Beyonce has two wonderfull transgender dancers in her videos

Is the woman in single ladies a man?

yes there is a man in the song single ladies my beyonce Knowles on the left

Was a man in beyonce single ladies video?


Is one of Beyonce dancers a man in single lady video?

No they were both girls.

What was the song the chipettes song to the man?

Single Ladies from Beyonce Knolls

Is that girl on the Beyonce single ladies video a man?

No, that girl on beyonce's video single ladies is infact a girl. Her name is Ebony Williams and she is a ballet dancer.

Is Beyonce backup dancer in put a ring on it a man?

Yeah. the lady on the right (beyonce's right) in the video "Single Ladies" is her choreographer(A man).

Who choreographed beyonce's video single ladies?

a man that was in her video

Is it a man in Beyonce video ego?

The remix to Ego has Kanye West in it, but besides that no. There has been a lot of rumors about one of Beyonce's background dancers being a man, but that is strictly false!

Is that a man in beyonce video single girls?

Nope... but it kinda looks like one.

Is Beyonce a man?

No, Beyonce is a woman.

Was Beyonce a man?

No Beyonce is not a man. She clearly has women features. She was never a man or ever will be.

Single ladies dude?

When Beyoncé released the song "Single Ladies" it became an instant hit. The video made it even more popular as people loved doing the dance. There was a rumor that one of the ladies dancing in the video was actually a man, but this has not been proven.

Is beonce a man?

No Beyonce is not a man

Is one of the dancers in Beyonce sweet dreams video a man?

no no no its just petty people making up stories even if its was(which i dont believe to be true)does it matter.all we should see is their talent

What is the duration of The Ladies Man?

The duration of The Ladies Man is 1.77 hours.

When was The Ladies Man released?

The Ladies Man was released on 10/13/2000.

What was the Production Budget for The Ladies Man?

The Production Budget for The Ladies Man was $11,000,000.

How much money did The Ladies Man gross worldwide?

The Ladies Man grossed $13,719,474 worldwide.

The leapt into the air is it dancers' dancer's dancers or dancers's?

it would be dancers if it is in between the and leapt man put a on lol im board

Why is Beyonce a mason?

because of her man

Why do single ladies have affair with a married man?

Because women are design to look for a man with resources. Because his wife already proved that he is a resourceful man. Because human nature require that we will not be satisfy with what we have.

Who is the man that performs with Beyonce in the song Crazy in Love?

"Crazy In Love" was the first single from Beyonce. She recorded the song with Jay-Z whom she later married. The song was released in 2003; several remixes and alternative versions were released after that.