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Is one of the signs of pregnancy when your stomach is always rumbling?


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NO, that is a sign of hunger.

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Possibly hunger, signs of nausea, (heartburn), indigestion, upset stomach, diarreah. Yay Peptol Bismol!!

Stomach aches and vaginal discharge are signs of pregnancy.Although nausia an stomach cramps are major signs of pregnancy.If neede,take a pregnancy test for more accuracy.

If your stomach is ichy it is signs of pregnancy This is not a sure thing and your stomach could simply be itchy from dry skin like any other part of the body. Try "Aveeno" lotion. Wait and then take a pregnancy test.

If you have missed a period they may be signs of pregnancy. If you have not missed a period they are not.

No, they can just be signs of a normal pregnant

No, it's an early sign of heart burn or indigestion, however, these signs may be signs of pregnancy.

A bigger stomach and no periods :/

Signs of pregnancy are an absent period and positive pregnancy test. Bloating is not a sign of early pregnancy.

A missed period and positive pregnancy test are typical signs of pregnancy. Stomach pain can have many causes. If you have abdominal pain and a positive pregnancy test, call your health care provider today.

Usually in the second trimester but everyone is different.

If you are pregnant enough to have a sore stomach and back, a pregnancy test will be positive. Take a home test. Normal signs of pregnancy are an absent period and positive pregnancy test.

There are no signs or symptoms immediately after sex that demonstrate that you're pregnant. "Stomach bubbling" is not a symptom of pregnancy.

Early heavy discharges are not always signs of pregnancy, it could be a infection, nausea and mood swings are the real signs of pregnancy.

No. It could be sign of infection or even PMS.

Yes if you have cramps, backache, nausea and headache , these are signs of pregnancy.

A rumbling noise that increases with speed.

You would need a scan to know with any accuracy. Many women have their stomach showing through their clothes which is nothing to do with pregnancy.

well if the sim is pregnant is has to throw up and its gonna get a stomach really quickly

It will depend if your stomach is hard and you feel all the signs butyou may have a false pregnancy test also

yes all of these are signa of being pregnant except for stomach burn ------ Actually... if your saying stomach burn to be something like excessive stomach acid then that could be another sign as it can be a sign of heartburn and (though i have no experience in pregnancy but I've read it up) it says heartburn can be one of the signs.

When can you expect signs of pregnancy

Not usually. Generally when you first get pregnant you and your body are extremely tired. Headache, stomach pain and sleeplessness (especially if you ever feel like you are going to be sick) can all be signs of depression. If you have depression on top of your symptoms you should see your family doctor. Correction: Mild stomach pain, extreme tiredness and headaches can all be signs of pregnancy but everyone is different. Some women don't even get pregnancy symptoms.

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