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Q: Is orange juice a carbonated drink?
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What drink has two words and it starts with O?

Orange juice is a drink. Orange Crush is a carbonated soft drink.

What can you mix with Buchanans whiskey?

A good mix drink is to mix it with orange juice, carbonated water, and a little bit of redbull. Redbull and orange juice will taste good too.

Can dogs drink orange juice?

can dogs drink orange juice?

Do people in the Philippines drink orange juice?

yah, we do drink orange juice,..

Is the tru blood drink alcoholic?

No, it's an orange carbonated drink.

What is the difference between orange juice orange drink orange beverage orange punch and orange cocktail?

Orange juice is the juice of an orange. Orange drink and orange beverage are drinks that are orange flavored, but generally contain little to no actual juice. Orange cocktail is an orange juice based drink mixed with other juices or flavors.

Does Bulgaria drink orange juice?

Bulgaria doesnt but the bulgarians do drink alot of orange juice

How do you eat a orange juice?

Take a glass of orange juice and drink it!

What is a drink that begins with the letter O?

orange juice orange juice

Is orange juice cool?

Orange juice is usually cool when you drink it.

Do most people prefer to drink orange juice or apple juice?

Orange juice.

Are there any beverages that start with the letter O?

Orange Crush is a carbonated soft drink. Orange juice is a drink consisting of the juice from oranges. Old Milwaukee Beer is brewed by Pabst Brewing Company. O'Doul's is a low alcoholic content beer brewed by Anheuser Busch.

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