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Is oxygen an element?



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Yes it is, it is the

  • Name: Oxygen
  • Symbol: O
  • Atomic number: 8
  • Atomic weight: 15.9994 (3) Standard state: gas at 298 K
  • Group in periodic table: 16
  • Group name: Chalcogen
  • Period in periodic table: 2
  • Block in periodic table: p-block
  • Colour: colourless as a gas, liquid is pale blue
  • Classification: Non-metallic

No, but Oxygen (O on periodic table of elements) is.
Yes it is. It's number 8 on the periodic table.
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Oxygen is a chemical element.

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Yes oxygen is an element. It has chemical symbol O and atomic number 8. If it combines with another element (or with 2 or more elements) with chemical bonds it would become a compound.