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Is oxygen harmful?

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Why is oxygen is harmful to us?

Oxygen is not harmful for us; but, of course, we cannot breathe only oxygen.

Is oxygen harmful on its own?


Why too much of oxygen is harmful us?

Too much of oxygen is harmful for us because it can kill us.

Is oxygen is harmful for human?

No humans depend on Oxygen to survive

Are there harmful effects to breathing in a bag?

lack of oxygen would be a harmful effect.

What kind form of oxygen which protect atmosphere who protect harmful solar radiations?

Ozone is the type of oxygen which protects us from the harmful solar radiations. It is the triatomic form of oxygen.

Is oxygen harmful and how?

It is useful because we can breathe it but only sometimes when taken abundantly it is harmful to life

Which form of oxygen protects the earth from the harmful rays of the sun?

The triatomic form of oxygen that is ozone protects us from the harmful rays of the sun. These rays are called ultraviolet rays and are very harmful for living organisms.

What uses oxygen to detoxify harmful substances?

Peroxisomes use oxygen to detoxify harmful substances. These organelles and microbodies are found in the vast majority of eukaryotic cells.

Why nitrogen is harmful?

it can displace oxygen which stops you breathing

Is oxygen useful or harmful?

It is useful because we can breathe it.

What are harmful effects of cutting down trees?

no oxygen

How is moss harmful?

Moss is not harmful,it also helps us to release oxygen for the use of people and animals

What is oxygen Toxicity?

It is the name for the harmful effects of breathing oxygen at greater than atmospheric pressure.

What organelle uses molecular oxygen to convert and detoxify harmful substances?

The organelles that uses molecular oxygen to convert and detoxify harmful substances are the peroxisomes. They are found in the cytoplasm of the cell.

Is ozone turning into oxygen a harmful or useful reaction?

It is harmful at ozone layer. It is because this leads to depletion of ozone.

What is the gas that protects Earth from harmful solar radiation?


Can you breathe pure oxygen?

Yes'we can breathe pure air in the oxygen layer ,but it is also harmful for us

Why cant you have an atmosphere made up of pure oxygen?

Because too much oxygen is harmful to the environment.

What are the harmful effects of oxygen?

The use of oxygen can sometimes have harmful side effects. Specifically, oxygen is very flammable, so it is best to never use it near fire. Additionally, some collectible items can fall apart when they are exposed to oxygen. This applies particularly to paper items.

Are gases harmful?

well it depends on the type of gas for example chlorine is very harmful and deadly whereas oxygen isnt.

How does ozone protect us from harmful radiation that oxygen cannot?

Oxygen cannot absorb UV-B, and ozone can.

What layer did oxygen eventually formed the protected earth from harmful rays?

The OZONE LAYER becuase is made of oxygen that why

Does dissloves oxygen in water harmful?

Definitely not. The fish in the sea take in the dissolved oxygen in the sea thru their gills.

What are two harmful substances produced by oxygen?

Oxidation and free radicals.